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  1. Sorry what I meant by that was that other than the tag was that they have a custom status/role such as if you highlight over their name instead of your courtier it would show the title your slave. Also following along with that idea using León as an example instead of showing their title in the court as courtier in León, it could show up with slave in León.
  2. Going along with enslaving people could there by any chance be a custom status/role if you were to enslave people. I often get tired to trying to determine which one is slave and which one is just regular courtier.
  3. Try and start a new game, that's when most MCM menus start up.
  4. You can generally disable it in the MCM menu by selecting who NPCs call for sex first free girls or slaves, it generally doesn't have a cooldown and instead is reliant on Sexlab's aroused mod and the arousal of the male NPCs around you.
  5. Okay when your player is a slave you need to finish tasks for the slave master in order to get the quests for enslaving other towns/cities.
  6. I have an idea for the tam explorer however it's for the Get to work expansion. Since there are aliens plus an alien "world" imagine if there was an option to sell your dolls there perhaps with the Get Famous expansion pack as well they could be placed in there for experimental reasons possibly using the Hibernate for Sleeping Pod with it as well. I don't have either packs but it's just an idea.
  7. There hasn't been any updates to Slaverun SE since 2018, Kenjoka hasn't been in Loverslab for about a year. This mod is broken. Korfio and Nymra were talking about editing to try to fix the problems, however, with the problems right now most of this mod is broken beyond belief. Laika, there are a ton of critical error with this mod such as animations with horses pertaining to this mod cause CTDs continuously and animations and events won't trigger so you have to disable the mods components entirely just to progress.
  8. I am doing alright just have been doing life. It tends to get the better of me most of the time. And with how Skyrim or even SSE I don't think that it can even play our ideas into something physical. It's great to talk about the ideas however one must think about whether or not the engine can even support said idea. I have a lot of ideas for a bunch of random things for Skyrim. Mostly spurning from another skyrim modding community that rather has a staunch dislike for anything Loverslab related.
  9. This mod is very broken beyond belief. It crashes when Bellamy Horse has sex with you, disabled creature animations for that reason. However even after disabling creature animations it didn't help either. The horse just teleports or dissapears from existence and causes the game to crash. Even when he is chasing after girls because he is aroused. I also have a theory right now. It's been almost a year since Kenjoka was last online. Either he is dead, he gave up trying with both LE and SE versions of this mod, or is spending time with family since he is almost 54. Instead of a conversion I belie
  10. What happened to the creature theme? I have downloaded the newest version and I cannot seem to find the creature theme.
  11. Does anyone know how to kill the Frolicking Raider in the Sixty Minute Man quest? I can't find them anywhere.
  12. I have an idea about an idea I have been having for a while. Could someone be possible for a human being able to "walk" werewolves by a leash? This would require a few animations for this which includes a few "walking" on all fours animation, a turning animation for turning corners, possibly even a pouncing animation for when they are rearing to go and jump on other people.
  13. Silverwing, I don't believe so in the sense of what we are talking about. Imagine it like this. When your sim gets pregnant they will produce milk like in the breastfeeding mod, however, instead of just babies being able to do it another sim can force, possibly through a shove or some kind of forced takedown, that sim into a device or something that forces the milk out of them and into containers. Possibly the milk could be sold for a hefty price. Breast expansion could be used as a visual representation of this. Using a moodlit could be used to determine the breast size, like having it being
  14. For the boar animations, I can see the rider petting his boar like a way to promote what the boar is doing.
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