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(Solved) Help Building Skirt Meshes in Bodyslide


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Hi team, I have a bit of a puzzler that I can't figure out.  I'm building the draugr armor in Bodyslide to allow the use of Racemenu's CBBE morph sliders in game.  I'm having great luck making sure the body fits perfectly and attaching HDT weights to the armor.  Building the CBBE Sliders causes a problem however.  In the first screenshot, you see the weighted draugr armor that I put together in Outfit Studio and exported, but did not follow up by building in Bodyslide.  So far, so good.  In the second screenshot we see the results of me building sliders for the mesh in Bodyslide.  There is a large gap in the character's skirt beneath her groin piece.  When I look closer, I see that the texture has wrapped beneath her crotch.


What could I be doing wrong?  When I copied the bone weights in Outfit Studio, I made sure that the "unweighted vertices" warning did not come up.

If it helps the CBBE HDT armor that I am working with is from Vanilla Amour and Clothing conversions with HDT (Bouncing Boobies and Bouncing Butt) CBBE.


If another user has posted on this issue and resolved it, I'd be grateful to be pointed in the right direction.



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On 2/19/2018 at 2:01 AM, Azazellz said:

Automatic bone transfer do not work well in all situations.

You should paint bones by yourself.

Just look how they was painted on original model, and try to recreate it on your variant.

Thank you, Azazellz! It worked like a charm!

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