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Scripting - penis display on female actors


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I have a script where I trigger a sex animation with a female NPC in the offensive role. I set the nude flag to stop LAPF from changing the lower body slot/item of the female NPC during the animation.

Now it looks like this also prevents LAPF from showing/equipping a penis model on the female NPC.

Is this working as intended or am I doing something wrong here? Can I force LAPF to equip a penis on the female NPC or is the penis mesh tied to the lower body mesh?



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The female penis is part of the lower body mesh. A female lower body with penis.

When you use the Lovers setting " Attacking Woman Grows Penis " a offence female player/NPC will have a penis during sex. The Lowerbody is replaced with the Lovers futa lower body.


The default futa body meshes (HGEC LL ) are in data\meshes\cloces\as

The meshes for other bodies are in the subfolder 1 to 9  ( Futa lower bodies for DMRA, HGEC with strapon. DMRA with strapon,.... )





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