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  1. @HUNTEROFTRUTH01 Did the mod install correctly? Let's say you start/load a game with the mod installed and don't leave the cell, do you see the BDH menu in MCM or do you get the Dialog from NPCs when you have a DD equipped? Do you have all the required mods and or outfits installed? @Gamaramdi Body) So I change it to only check the body slot (33)? I'm neutral on this... Body Morphs) I'm not sure if the mod does interfere with the body morphs. =/ What body are you using and did you build your body with "Build Morphs" enabled? Music)
  2. @Gamaramdi Well... technically it's working fine, your character is not naked! I could reduce number of slots, but in your case it then would probably regard the PC as naked which is not really true... @HUNTEROFTRUTH01 You mean when you load the game or load a save game? Does it always crash or only sometimes?
  3. @hkheung I checked things and I don't think PotC as DD are compatible with DD. Even when the Dialog to remove them would work it would cause problems with some BDH events that don't expect the plugs to be devious devices. So I do not recommend using the DD patch with BDH
  4. @Gekofin You have DD installed and they are working? If your PC has an devious device equipped did you try talking to an NPC or companion?
  5. 2020-07-10 Boston Devious Helper v0.3.10.7z Changed Added Nate + K1-98 to the ignore list Removed ZaZOut4 XMLs Tweaked Slutwalk dialog Fixed errors in some AAF XMLs (Thanks @krlll, @stas2503) Fixed issues with NPC selection during some events Tweaked dog events
  6. @hkheung You had this installed I assume PotC_DD.7z ? I think it will still work but maybe it is a load order/ install issue. You cannot use both the DD and BDH Patch. I think what every you install last will override the other. What problem you have with 1.61? I looked through the files and could not find anything different in terms of compatibility with BDH... If it worked in v1.4 it should also work in 1.6
  7. Hi @johnathon648 The collar will disappear automatically after a number of events are triggered/completed. You can adjust how many events are required in the ini file ...\Data\ini\LKS\LoversKinkyStalker.ini ; --------------------------------------------------------------------- ; how many events are triggered until the kinky collar quest is done ; --------------------------------------------------------------------- Set lksKinkyCollarQuest.EventCountMin to 2 Set lksKinkyCollarQuest.EventCountMax to 6
  8. Hi @hkheung hmm... must be a NMM thing, do you have the same issue with the other downloads or only the Fusion Girl patch? The plugs are no DD | RealCuffs items it is normal that they don't give you the "Ask for help" dialog. Did you get the "Ask for help" with plugs in BDH v0.2? The plugs (+patch) are only used for slutty outfits. I don't use Fusion Girl so I'm not sure, is 1.45 a new version? Is there a problem with it?
  9. @hkheung What mod manager are you using? The FG patch installed fine for me with MO2. @NoJoker Ok, will see if I can do something about it. @Oghmatorro In general events happen only/mostly when friendly NPCs are close by. Also if the PC has a weapon drawn or is sneaking it will block events. You can find the settings izzyknows mentioned under: MCM -> Boston Devious Helper -> Companion @MrCruelJohn There is only the 'set bdh_cmd to 123' console command. It will flag all companion events as played so the bimbo collar events are unlocked. You still have to play/unlock the SlutWalk/Helper events, but those quests don't have that many so they should unlock very quickly. You can also go to MCM and set 'New Task Chance' to 100% this will make sure you unlock/play new events as soon as possible. MCM -> Boston Devious Helper -> Misc -> New Task Chance -> 100%
  10. @hkheung Did you try different DD, is it with all devices or only specific ones? Do you get any other dialog instead, or just nothing? You said you already tried starting a new game right? You have a papyrus.log for me? @NoJoker You mean this Quest? I checked it has a lower priority then BDH quests, so what you describe should not happen if the CK wiki tells the truth =P
  11. Hi @hkheung Is only the NPC dialog (ask for help with DD) not working or the companion dialog also not working? What was the last version of the mod that did work for you? What is the 'automatic dialog option'? 'it's dangerous to wander...' I don't think that dialog is from my mod... Do you have a papyrus.log, maybe from when the PC equips a Devious Device... @Kelach hmm... I think izzyknows is right somehow your save is messed up. Not saying that there is still an issue with BDH but hard to tell with all that stuff in your log =D I have the same papyrus setting but I have never seen it log all that stack stuff...
  12. @Kelach I sounds like some event might have trigger involving the female settler and the event bugged out maybe because you dismissed piper... If you want to dismiss/change companion make sure no event is going on. Maybe draw a weapon | sneak (to prevent events from starting) and go into the MCM and reset events (to stop any event that might be running) You might also want to avoid dismissing the companion while you have a companion. What I could find out in the log is that during the first scene the animation with the PC was not starting and then the event got stuck while waiting for the animation to start/stop. Did you change the payprus log settings, your log has a strange format somehow =O Also do you have the CumOverlay mod still installed? There is something really weird going on with it. When AAF starts an animation it looks like it is receiving hundreds of AAF events per seconds... According to the log data its not all from the current animation its from animations that where probably running some time ago... Really strange stuff =/ @delete1618 Yes, BDH will only check the main companion alias (from the base game) to detect who is the companion. Glad you got it working!
  13. Hi @dailythebee What body are you using? You can test morphs with these commands @Kelach @Gamaramdi I don't have a good save for testing companions but I did some tests with piper + a custom follower I made some time ago. I couldn't find any obvious bug so far, doesn't mean that there is a sneaky one ofc =/ Any chance to get a log from any of you, would help a lot!... @Gamaramdi These slots are checked @delete1618 Review Event / K1-98 That's fixed now, did I read it right? You maybe still got a papyrus log from where it was not working, just for me to figure out what went wrong? BDH no longer working Did you try the MCM command to reset the current event already? maybe some event got stuck. MCM -> Boston Devious Helper -> Misc -> Command -> Reset Events Otherwise a papyrus log would help figuring out whats wrong Follower Mods BDH scans the vanilla companion alias to detect the current follower actor. Any mod that changes that or puts the follower into a different alias will probably cause problems. @izzyknows Ok, I will add K1-98 to the ignore list! Ohhh... you are right If you pick an option that doesn't continue the quest there is a chance the force greet will trigger again before the event can end. Will tweak some stuff to try to fix that!
  14. @Kelach It should not matter in what order or how long you had the companion. It just checks who is the current companion. At least from what I can see from skimming through the scripts.. I will do some tests and see if I find something. And I will change it so male companions are ignored. You really got unlucky with who the event picked as target, from all the possible NPC it picked one who was not reachable (Will add Nate to the ignore list so this won't happen again) @izzyknows Ahhh... more strange stuff happening I do check if NPCs are enabled. Actually I check if they are disabled, which I hope does the same thing but how knows =D You sure the actor was disabled and not in some other weird state? @Gamaramdi Maybe it is related to what Kelach reported, switching/multiple companions might cause issues. I will investigate if this is the case asap! @stas2503 Thx ! I will include the fixes in the next version.
  15. @krlll As far as I know the general format is no problem. The XMLs from AAF itself are in that format
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