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  1. Did this task work at any time before? You get the dialog to select the NPC for the event but you don't get the dialog to start the animation? Yes, locations are not checked. It's more or less just flavor text, the PC can go there or somewhere else... I didn't know how to do the checks and figured it would be a lot of work maintaining a list of locations and what buildings are avaiable there. Try sneaking near a horse to pull him into the event (same for dogs).
  2. It can take a while to unlock the later events, because it's still some rng involved what events you get. You can change this setting to 1 to unlock events faster. ; --------------------------------------------------------------------- ; number of events needed to unlock next event ; --------------------------------------------------------------------- Set lksStalkerQuest.EventProgression to 1
  3. Currently there are only the temporary body changes from the bimbo collar (boobs+butt). You can increase the duration of the morphs in the MCM. Nothing permanent, though.
  4. Besides the settings you already mentioned it depends on how populated the area is the PC is in. If there are only a few NPCs and they are not close the PC when it scans for stalkers it might take a while for something to happen. Also, if the PC has a weapon drawn or is sneaking it will block stalkers. You could chance settings for testing via the console. You only have to type the line like it is in the INI file with different values. set lksStalkerQuest.StalkerChance to 50 Careful though, the settings you change that way in game will not be saved ba
  5. I think the error message you get is because you don't have MyBook defined in the script? I wrote a test script and I can compile it without errors. I haven't tested it in game yet, will do that later I'm currently at work, but I'm pretty sure it should work this way. scn lksCoreGameLoadedKinkyCollarsFunc ref formRef string_var formID ref objRef Begin Function {} let formID := lksKinkyCollarQuest.LoadCollarID PrintC "LKS-DEBUG|lksCoreGameLoadedKinkyCollarsFunc|formID|%z" formID let formRef := GetFormFromMod "LoversKinkyStalker.esp" $formID PrintC "
  6. You can spawn objects in the world with PlaceAtMe and then position them with SetPos.
  7. Hi @drake_hoard Not sure why the arrow keys wouldn't work. I checked how violate is starting animations and found some property which it sets and I don't use. I don't know if this helps, I don't use UAP or staged animations atm so I can't test. Boston Devious Helper v0.3.22-d1.7z
  8. I don't know why/how but it works now... Well the looping/circle thing is gone, not sure what I did. When I tried stuff I only let it run to the point when the NPCs took that weird path south-west at the red rocket. But that seems to be the normal path for NPCs there O.o I also observed some random settler NPCs wandering off that way at some point so it looks like it's just they way it is... I traced the way NPCs takes from Sanctuary to Tenpines, really weird
  9. I need help with a travel package to make an NPC travel from one location to another. Currently I try to get an NPC from Sanctuary to Tenpines Bluff. The pathing starts off ok, the NPC is heading out of sanctuary south over the bridge, but at the Red Rocket Truck Stop she is suddenly heading south into the wilderness and then running in a circle over and over (see image). Moving the PC to a different cell doesn't help. She never makes any progress towards the target as far as I can tell. When I forward time (sleep a couple hours) she does appear at
  10. I'm not an expert with stuff like this, but looks like a skeleton/body issue. It's not caused by this mod. You might get better help asking in AAF Tech support for help with this problem.
  11. Looks like you don't have the .esp file activated?
  12. It checks if items with any of these DD keywords are worn. DD_kw_ItemType_Blindfold DD_kw_ItemType_Boots DD_kw_ItemType_ChastityBelt DD_kw_ItemType_ChastityBra DD_kw_ItemType_Collar DD_kw_ItemType_Gag DD_kw_ItemType_Gloves DD_kw_ItemType_Harness DD_kw_ItemType_Hood DD_kw_ItemType_LegCuffs DD_kw_ItemType_NipplePiercings DD_kw_ItemType_PlugAnal DD_kw_ItemType_PlugVaginal DD_kw_ItemType_Suit DD_kw_ItemType_WristCuffs
  13. The IdleTimes are a bit high, you have basically 10-20 minutes (real time) where nothing will happen and then ~40% to not activate anything again. Try using below values. (If you load a saved game with your old values you might still have to wait 20min for the current timer to run out.) [Slutwalk] fBDH_Setting_Slut_ActiveState_TimerMax=1200.000000 fBDH_Setting_Slut_ActiveState_TimerMin=900.000000 fBDH_Setting_Slut_ActiveState_Weight=100.000000 fBDH_Setting_Slut_IdleState_TimerMax=10.000000 fBDH_Setting_Slut_IdleState_TimerMin=10.000000 fBDH_Setting_Slut_IdleS
  14. I looked through the scripts and couldn't find anything that would explain why this happened... I assume you don't have a papyrus log of when this happened anymore? =/
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