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Confused about all the FourPlay forks and its status

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I haven't followed FO4 adults mods much but I did test the FP Community Patch a number of months ago and found the animations to be very misaligned (e.g. humping air) so I uninstalled it and figured I'd check back when it was developed further. So I checked back again but now I'm just very confused about how Four Play seems to be continuing in all these different threads.


Can someone explain if I'm understanding it correctly? The original Four-Play was made by DocClox, but he stopped development. Then vinfamy picked up development under the Four-Play Community Patch. But it seems like it is no longer being maintained for the FO4 updates (which apparently broke the mod), and now it's the DLL updates are maintained by jaam under this this dev/test thread?


Did I understand that correctly? While I do see there are other mods still being actively developed (like RSE), I'm pretty confused about FP framework itself.



P.S. Is it also correct to assume the animation alignment is still way off? The version I tested many months back was 2.6.1, which is still the current version. Or is the alignment issue from the animations themselves, so the fix would come from those? But I've also ready how some of the latest animation mods updates don't work with FP Community Patch... Very confused since everything is splintered.




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Yeah, I think you've understood correctly, nanashi50. I've recently returned to Fallout 4 myself and tried out four-play for the first time. I followed the instructions on the community patch mod page and cross referenced them with the beginner-friendly guide linked to in the patch's installation section. Following all that got it working well (only used vanilla fudge so far) except for the free camera, which was fixed by installing the jaam plugin.


I've found the alignment pretty good so far - although Dogmeat and Mama Murphy have been the only ones my Nora has fooled around with. Don't ask...!

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