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Marie Rose - CTD when loading game/choosing race

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I searched and did some consistent checks, the game tries to open, and when I load my save - I am on Riverwood, the location Marie Rose is - I get CTD. If I deactivate Marie Rose's plugin from NMM and go in to the game, change location, and move somewhere else, and then activate Marie Rose's plugin once again and enter normally in to the game, if I go to "showracemenu" and pick Marie Rose race, the game will CTD, again. lol 


I think it's the mod's issue, because, I have everything it needs. 


This is the mod I am trying to grab and install in to the game so desperate today. lol 


http://cafe.naver.com/elderscrolls7/841239 - Don't worry, it's a legit page.


Otherwise, check the picture below...


P.S. - I know there is another mod similar to that model, and it probably works nicely, but, I want to get the "original" Marie Rose, from this mod, call me "perfectionist". 


I think it's probably due to the mod being in Japanese voice - probably? I can't know that, I assume it. - and that's why Skyrim has crash on desktop. 


The mod says it needs : 


KS Hairdos - Got them already, for the SE version also.

HDT Physics and Extensions - Got that too. 

SKSE64 and SKYUI also here and activated.

Race Compatibility is also here and activated. 


I literally have no idea what to do or what seems to be the problem.


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As far as I can remember, I am not using any CBBE mod, I am going full UNP. I could actually try to make a copy of what I am using, but, not sure how to do that...


EDIT : Nevermind, I think I did it! Here is my complete list of what I am using and what is activated and not : 



New Text Document.txt


EDIT 2 : Also, [dint]NierAutomata the boots the hair and the skirt are not working correctly, I am sure the mesh are ruined up, because I have everything they need to work and they don't work. Ignore this please. 


UIExtensions and Formal Suit are deactivated. 


When I log in to the game, I get 2 errors, one error is something about HDT High Heels dll I think, another is something in French, telling me about PlayerVampireQuest thing, and it says Qui or Non to continue, I press Qui and it goes away. 


Normally, I can play the game with no issues, these are the only problems I have thus far, plus with Marie Rose custom Race.

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