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Can please someone make a mod that allows sims to be able to milk females that have given birth? Not like the breastfeeding mod but rather maybe a chair or something of the sort to be able to milk sims such as maybe using machines like milk pumps or maybe even by hand from other sims maybe even having the sims be forced into the machine/device. Is there anything a person would like to add to it? Let me know.

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On 5/14/2018 at 9:51 AM, Silverwing26 said:

Did anyone come up with something for this?

Silverwing, I don't believe so in the sense of what we are talking about. Imagine it like this. When your sim gets pregnant they will produce milk like in the breastfeeding mod, however, instead of just babies being able to do it another sim can force, possibly through a shove or some kind of forced takedown,  that sim into a device or something that forces the milk out of them and into containers. Possibly the milk could be sold for a hefty price. Breast expansion could be used as a visual representation of this. Using a moodlit could be used to determine the breast size, like having it being intertwined with that. The worst breast expansion could be called Busting at the Seams in which the woman would have like a -50 moodlit and desperately needs to relieve the pressure of the milk.

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