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FNIS worked - then did not...

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Using: Skyrim SE; Mod Organizer 2.


I've been building a game which so far has been fine. I use FNIS within MO2 (long experience of this) and have a number of animation packs running fine in the game.


I installed the new Sexlab 1.63 Beta, ran FNIS, and....nothing. No animations (checking with Matchmaker).

Now I have also added a dance mod. The same. Nothing.  It's as if both mods did not exist.  But all the previous installed animations still work!


I've reinstalled FNIS, checked logs, etc. But I am stumped.

I have left a request for help on the Sexlab 1.63Beta forum but they are busy discussing slavery. Apart from which this is a wider issue anyway.


If anyone could please suggest where I can check to see why these animations are not working in game, I'd be most grateful.



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Arrrghhhh (scream of the Dovakhidiot...)   :confounded:


No wonder it doesn't work. I'm using Matchmaker SE Lite. Ashal's not yet updated it.

Popped the Oldrim version in, moved it to Form 44, everything works a charm.


Sorry guys. Thanks for your time and help.


Case closed.

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