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Fnis pcea2 not appearing in MCM menu

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So after creating a mirror modlist for SSE i decided to also use the FNIS pcea2 for SE.


Installed it, ran generate for users through NMM it recgnizes animations and even shows ''installing pcea2''


0 consistence issues and 0 errors.


Yes i used loot to sort load order, im not new to modding.



However FNIS PCEA2 is not appearing in MCM.


Is there anything im missing? I see the new animations working in game but the pcea2 menu in MCM is nowhere to be found.


EDIT: reinstalling FNIS and FNIS pcea2 and re-doing the whole process doesnt make it appear in MCM. I feel like this might be an issue with SKYUI or SKSE 64

By the way the other mod's according MCM menu's are there and working, violens, a matter of time etc.

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On 19.1.2018 at 6:21 PM, christiansatanist said:

Sounds sensible, thanks for the advice.


You mean the savegame script cleaner right?


The one that cleans orphans and other crap.

Just making sure.


I don't know any other type. :grin:

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