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Any idea about this problem?


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Hello long time lurker here. I don't usually post and keep to myself. I have been working a lot of overtime this last year so not much time for Skyrim.


My problem is in the picture. I just can't seem to fix it. It looks like a small wedge sticking up in the crack lol? I have tried reinstalling xp32, bodyslide, and hdt. I just am tired and lost.

It isn't really a big deal but it's just one of those things once you notice it.


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c5kev, sorry ill be more clear this time. I was pretty tired when I wrote that. I have XPMSE and SOS. I did install the skeleton after SOS and read everything about the install.


27x, I didn't really think it was a skeleton problem, I though it was the mesh also. Found a uunp preset I liked on the nexus a few months ago called seductress I think, anyways I changed it and didn't go away. In fact anything I build in bodyslide does this. 

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as if the problem was using unp or cbbe...


bracer look fine here


now it clip with the arm

and now...


there's 2 arm (under the torch it's the shoulder protection), in first person view your arms float near your head


no idea what he did to get his char butt on screen looking in don't know direction

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27X. So uunp has this problem? never really noticed before until the other day I noticed it on a dead bandit laying over log lol. I have had it for a long time now so it's not really that big of a problem, just was wondering was caused it.


Yatol. I just used a pose mod for a random female to bend over to take the shot from behind looking up since I noticed it on a dead bandit laying over a log.  

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