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  1. Excellent and enjoy the armor! It's one of my fav's, although I am partial to the updated glass armor package as of late. 😀
  2. Hello Aki K. Wow... Now who would have figured that? Glad to hear you found this out and can return to some sort of BodySlide "normalcy".
  3. You'll need to look at your BodySlide installation because "parts" aren't being made since there's nothing in the meshes folder (as you said), as well as not being able to see stuff in the "Batch Build" window. If you are using MO2, I'd start looking there - probably a "pathing" issue.
  4. Howdy! Anyone out there have 3DMax (or equal) that could add some vertices to a low poly mesh for me? Hope so. And if there is, would you be kind enough to PM me please? Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your kind words. What does " some sort of infotext" mean?
  6. Sending you a PM soonish, so keep an eye out for it.
  7. Howdy. Yep, can see it (both the links are dead btw) . " I desaturated them in Photoshop..., DXT5" No, they should be DXT1, you only need to use DXT5 when transparency is required. Making it a DXT5 (alpha channel) just makes your "what should be a" DXT1 image larger for no real reason. Anyway, one way to match shit up is to open the body .dds and copy a square / rectangle area from around the neck area, then paste it as a new layer in the head .dds. Put your "square" down at the bottom of the image where the head attaches and then play with the Brightness/Contrast sliders to match up the two. Since the images are desaturated, it should be relatively easy.
  8. Doesn't TV have a directory that uses lower DOF settings? Can't remember, used to use TV, but have found a better ENB. Have you given the DynaVision mod any consideration? Might be easier.
  9. Technically, no. " It should be 100% identical but in this case maybe it isn't. " "I don't think it's the succubus race, ... " So you led me to believe there was something wrong with my mod that needed correction, when in fact, you're using some bastardized version of CBBE and my mod appears to be fine. Along with that, I spending an hour of my time putting together the above "how to" for you. Thanks.
  10. That is correct - it pays to read the instructions 😀 In BodySlide, find the "Group Filter" drop-down box, then select "C5Kev's Sexy Symmetry Armor". Check the "morphs" box at the lower left and click "Batch Build" to make all your parts in one shot. If you need more help, I'm here... Also, this mod isn't for SE, but have at it.
  11. " ...to open it as a project that means the mod needs to be installed right? " That is correct. I am a little confused though, you are using a "standard" CBBE HDT body aren't you? I ask because as shown earlier, when I brought the parts into Outfit Studio, they lined up perfectly. And no one else has come forward with the problem you're having. So I find this a bit odd.
  12. You should have a "Data\meshes\C5Kev\Sexy Symmetry" directory with 14 .nif files and 7 .tri files, along with a " \GND\ " sub-directory. Do you have that?
  13. There is no "bug" with the mod. You have something set up incorrectly in MO and I can't help you with that. I don't use it.
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