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  1. Hello Talsar. I have a "How To" posted here on LL. It's easy.
  2. Hello ShenGo. Hmm, I loaded the mod and had no problem... UUNP shown - no textures as I don't have SD+ installed. Sounds like something else could be causing the issue.
  3. Hello ShenGo. This is an easy fix. Select your preset and a naked CBBE or UUNP body (you didn't say what body you're using). Now click "Save As". A dialog box will appear with a bunch of outfit check boxes. Name your preset with the same name it had, then check off all the outfits (including this mod) you want the preset to use. Click "Save" and you'll be set.
  4. Hello Wren888. Hey, no biggie. Here ya go...and have fun! C5Kev's Kyne's Blessing Smelly Monster Armor UUNP.7z
  5. Hello Wren888. Nowhere does it state that this replaces the meshes used in Kyne's Blessing. I do have a mod for that, but it's for UUNP. If you use UUNP, I can send you a copy or you can convert it to CBBE.
  6. With all due respect, I'm not sure of what your point is.
  7. Howdy! So I've been messing with FO4 and made up some outfits. But things are a bit different than Skyrim and was wondering how to set up environmental mask textures. Since the materials .bgsm overwrites anything within the nif (or so I'm told), does the " _m" image go in the "Greyscale" slot? I thought I also saw somewhere that the " _m" images in Fallout are now called out as "_em". Is that correct? Obviously trying to get some shine going on here and I haven't worked enough in FO4 to get into the details. So is this set up correctly? Wh
  8. Use my guides and get both (the process is the same regardless of the body type) as each has slightly different info in them.
  9. Hello Angahran. Ah, you didn't say NPCs, so no, RaceMenu won't work. The only way to change the tint for NPCs - that I know of - is to use a paint program, such as Photoshop, Gimp, etc. Plus, a particular NPC would need to have a unique body and location (or changed via TES5Edit), like many followers have, as the "vanilla" game is set so that all characters (PC & NPC) all use the same body. No plans to port to SSE, which I don't use or to the 3BBB body.
  10. Hello Angahran. Xana follower? That's not mine, but that doesn't matter... You can easily change the skin tint via RaceMenu. Glad you like the skin.
  11. Hello Shinobi7. Thanks and yeah, I got that. Who knows, in 5 years maybe they'll have a dynamic animation system one could apply to things like that. It'd be pretty frickin' cool...
  12. Hello Shinobi7. I'm no HDT expert and I'm sure it'd have some effect on the tentacles, but you're talking about actual animation - "stop action" type or random. I think that having animated meshes, plus move in a random fashion, plus respond to HDT would be a daunting task. I certainly wouldn't know how to do it and if it were easy, I'm sure someone would have done so by now.
  13. Hey lafourminoir. Nah, I'll let someone else do that. I could have done the skin much, much better and would have liked too. But with 4K images, I'd would have taken forever and made up just for a few mod pics, so...
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