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Teleporter mod in inventory?

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So quick question, can anyone change the teleporter mod (the one with the knight statue) and edit it so that we can put stacks of them into the inventory because adjusting the best position and backgrounds gets so tedious if you have to switch between build mode and live mode all the time, especially if you simply put various teleporters around to see where the pose works best with what background and angle and when you have the perfect pose and you go into build mode to remove the left over teleporters and thanks to sims being teleported out of the way when building they stop posing argh i mean once or twice is okay, but if you want to make stories or something it is SO annoying. I honestly don't get why the teleporters weren't enabled for inventory use anyway. How glorious it'd be if you could just simply have a hundred teleporters in your inventory and could adjust their positions without having to go back into build mode :3 so if anyone knows a mod for that or could alter it like that that'd be amazing :smile:

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