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Problem with 1st person view


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So in my game, when I want to switch 3rd person camera to 1st, after it changes the camera, 1 second after, the camera comes back in 3rd person all the time I just can't play in 1st person...


I have recently reinstalled DD mods (assets, integration and expansion) and Sanghine debauchery, so maybe it's the cause of my problem...


In any case, if for someone this is familiar, please tell me if there's a fix or if I have to deinstall these mods. Or maybe it's just an another mod, I don't know.


If someone can help me, it will be great, Thanks in advance !


PS: Sorry for my poor english... I bring my load order in the attached files.

Load order.txt

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Camera Issue's....


Those I have not ever seen being a product of load order....


Likely the fix is something simple such as,


Find an alchemy table, workbench, sharping stone, blacksmith stuff....Activate said item, this will force the game to change the players animation and also change the players camera state...After you exit said item the game will force the players camera state to the normal camera state, this pretty much has always fixed camera issues for me.


The alternative is to load up a save from before the problem occurred.

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