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  1. Did you enable Devious Devices for Him when installing? If yes, did you put Devious Devices - BRRF.esp AFTER Devious Devices for Him.esp in your load order? It needs to be for the items to show up correctly. Otherwise another mod could be overriding the changes, you'd have to check in xEdit (TES5Edit) to see if it's conflicting with anything.
  2. The slider files for the chain harness are stored in the 'core' package, instead of CBBE and UUNP. The vanilla chain harness functions much the same way, it's built independent of what body type you are using.
  3. Are you sure? I just downloaded the .7z file fresh and the .nifs are 223 bytes. Keep in mind that these small (empty) nifs were placed deliberately so BodySlide overwrites them, which makes mod managers remove the files more cleanly if Devious Devices is uninstalled.
  4. For Him renames them to Genital Piercing. Without it, it will show as Vaginal Piercing.
  5. @Kimy For Him update... again. -Forwarded PermitAnal and PermitVaginal keywords from DD 5.1 on straitjackets. Devious Devices For Him.esp
  6. I've uploaded a fix for this in the development thread. Alternatively you might be able to set the outfit as 'revealing' in the SOS MCM.
  7. Yes, but not all the items have been completed in this version. DD 5.0 includes a version of this that includes the most amount of refitted items.
  8. @Kimy For Him plugin update. The SOS_Revealing keyword was lost when I restored Keywords on the last revision of For Him, causing Schlongs to not show up automatically, as well as causing a few ITMs in the process. -Fixed Schlongs not appearing automatically with certain outfits. Devious Devices For Him.esp
  9. For Him was responsible for belts not showing with corsets. It's fixed in 5.1. The corset-belt combo script was removed in 5.0. Belts and corsets show up independently now, with the unfortunate possible clipping that entails. (Maybe it could be fixed using partitions in the mesh?)
  10. The AA was duplicated into BRRF so as to not make For Him a forced dependency, the AA should be identical so it still performs the same changes. I think the elf AA was added in For Him at some point because the gags weren't working correctly with male elves at some point? (I didn't add these, by the way) I do think it would be best if the AA's were moved into BRRF entirely, or, if after checking how bad the clipping is; delete it entirely since it impacts female elves which have seemingly no issues with the original gags, but I don't know if this could cause issues with backwa
  11. I don't remember sending @Kimy a new .esp for BRRF, it looks like someone tried to add new armor addons to the armature. I only made refits for Khajiit in this instance because there weren't issues with Argonians and Orcs. EDIT: Comparing the plugin with my own doesn't show any outstanding changes except adding those non-existant armor addons as well as a slash in the texture sets for the Collygon gags' environment file path. This update to the plugin should probably be reverted... EDIT2: Apparently 5.0 includes the same plugin with errors in it,
  12. Issue with Devious Devices For Him, that's whats breaking Chastity Belts, I've already addressed it and are waiting for it to be implemented.
  13. Issue with For Him at the moment, I've already addressed it and are waiting for it to be implemented in the next version.
  14. I just realized I failed to communicate in this thread that DD For Him has since been included in DD 5.0, with updates to it by me. Every item should be covered in the version that I provided except some of the new items that were added in 5.0.
  15. I truly have no idea why this would happen when the plugin makes absolutely zero interactions with those items. It's baffling to me. Did you give DD enough time to initialize, as well save + load before trying to equip the items? And make sure you didn't accidentally equip the items from Devious Devices - Assets.esm; "Yoke (Iron)" doesn't have animations, "Iron Yoke" is the correct one.
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