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Any way to add transparency to Slavetats apart from Racemenu?

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Title, pretty much.


I have Slavetats in my load order mainly for the mods that implement it, such as Apropos for the wear & tear system, and SD+ for various uses. However, I find that the textures often look a bit...unsubtle with the basic colours offered in Slavetats. I have been going into Racemenu and manually setting slight transparency to Slavetats' scar textures etc. But of course, my changes are undone every time Slavetats alters or reapplies something (for example, when Apropos wear and tear levels increase or degrade). 


I know, I know, it's a little OCD. But scars are awesome. It's just frustrating to have to manually tune them in racemenu every single time so they don't look like flourescent paint...


Does anyone know if an option for setting transparency for Slavetats has appeared anywhere? Or if there are any related mods that could help?


Or, any alternative solution: I'm a bit scared to try, but would altering the opacity of the slavetats texture files work here?



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On 10.01.2018 at 5:04 AM, Lugubrious0ne said:

altering the opacity of the slavetats texture files work here

Yep. The opasity is changed via alpha channel in the texture file, when black=transparent, and white=completely solid. You gotta try different shades of grey to get what you want.

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52 minutes ago, swmas said:

I think you can do this in nioverride.ini too, not sure though.

This is definitely an interesting option for me, because while the Fade Tattoos option does sorta work, it takes a while to kick in, and seems to fight with Apropos/Slavetats/Misc. for control of the colour of tattoos applied. 


I tried moderately lowering the iAlphaFlags parameter in nioverride.ini, but this caused my character's skin to go black! Yes, I know about the black textures bug, didn't seem like this was it though.


If anyone has any word on how to get Nioverride to automatically increase transparency of applied overlays that would be great! Even for tattoos with racemenu tbh - real world tattoos definitely completely cover the skin tone anyway.

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