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  1. Honestly, please don't tag me till you know what you're talking about.
  2. That's one of her 'starting armors' in the main demonica archive.
  3. Here you go. https://mega.nz/#!l8tGWSKS!u0V4ZkC7uIk_dctjZgQifH4Eq8mOiZmscJqnVtAeUqY
  4. It's one of Aradia Kato's resource half-mods. Search through his topic for it, I definitely saw it there.
  5. If the location has some object altered you can find out which one using Mfg Console.
  6. I'm surprised no one explained it yet, but next time you have the same issue you can easily fix it by painting weights by hand. Select all your meshes and then switch to 'bones' tab on the right pane -- here's where bone weights are shown. It's basically a marking that links vertices of your mesh to the corresponding bones. Click on the name of a bone and you'll see that your mesh is now colored. Blue is the lightest influence, red -- the strongest. You can inspect the reference body mesh to understand which bones control what. When you switch to the bones tab you'll only have two brushes
  7. Yep. The opasity is changed via alpha channel in the texture file, when black=transparent, and white=completely solid. You gotta try different shades of grey to get what you want.
  8. ... If you'd stated that you want a NG+ at the very start you'd probably saved us both some time. Just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Use Skybox for the items.
  9. K, I see you didn't really understand what I proposed. Look, you can either: >install the same mods you had and try to load the saved game. Then make a new save on that character following the 'clean savegame' rules (you can find some tutorials across the net I believe). After you get the new 'clean' save, you can try to load it alongside your new modlist. It's complicated and will probably take some time for reloads and CTDs, but possible. You have to remember though, that if you have some quest/script heavy mods or conditions written into your saved game some mods will become esse
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