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[WW] Female sims with strapless in the shower ?

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Hi there,

Since the last version of WW I notice something unusual when my female sim takes a shower (I have the latest version of The sims 4).

When she takes a shower, she always keeps a "bustier" (strapless) on her. What's odd is that I did not even install this bustier on my character ?

On the other hand if she takes a bath, the sim is naked. The problem is only when she take a shower. What can it be due to?

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2 hours ago, bettershone said:

yes it's always the same particular bustier CC.
The most difficult now will be to find it in my list of dress mods :astonished:

Thank you @porkybork :thumbsup:

it will be much easy if check it using sim tray importer


usually i create new sim, remove all (clothing, shoes makeup etc etc), and apply broken/bad cc in sims and save it,

check  cc list using sims tray importer, then right click broken/bad cc in cc list then choose "show containing folder"

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Dude, I had the very same problem with a LOT of clothes before using WW. The problem is, some CC comes with occult caracteristics, and to chance that is quite easy. First of all, install Sims4Studio and let it download everything it needs, it's not going to take much from your time.

After that, once you detected the .package with problems, you'll do this: click and hold the CC-item and grab onto Sims4Studio icon (this will open the edit mode of the CC) > open the [CATEGORIES] folder > search for the [OCCULT] categorie and unmark them all (this prevents from automatic clothing, common with aliens) > search for [OUTFIT TYPE] and unmark [NUDE] categorie, this is causing your issue.

After that, just save your file, restart your game, and be happy!


Hope it helps, hugs mate!

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