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sex toys not being used in game


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11 hours ago, tsb1971 said:

when doing the female mastrubation animation she never picks up the sex toys or and they never show in her hand. Is there a extra step to do this?

You have to download noir and darksims sex toys then equip one in CAS before you start the sex anim.

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As both Vengeance and Procian say, there are some extra things to download for these to work correctly, 

As these were made by some very talented people and not mine to distribute I've linked the necessary ones for my animations in my download page,

Any problems just quote this post when replying or contact me through the messanger,

Have fun and Happy New Year!

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6 hours ago, bettershone said:

Equip sextoys before start animation is difficult for me. I use often random sex animations ?

Once you have a toy equipped to any CAS outfit slot, nude or otherwise,  this outfit can then always be switched to on the fly, during sex, without actually stopping the interaction :blush:



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2 hours ago, bettershone said:

Yes, it's true.

But sometimes, at stake, the sim changes automatically and decides to wear the outfit with the Dildo in hand :blush:

I think it loses credibility depending on the moment.

It does come out at odd times yes :smiley: I usually reduce the factor by assigning it to nightwear or a sex outfit :blush:

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1 minute ago, bettershone said:

Hello @R-Lo.

That's what I did yesterday when i playing. I likened the outfit with the dildo in second night dress.

On the other hand is it necessary to equip a dildo in the left hand ?

Of the 1700 positions I have, I have not noticed yet using the left hand. There are some ?


Hi bettershone!


Currently I only used mainly one to make it less confusing as there are a few stykes, each with left and right variable,

So far I've used the short curve right hand one for 4 anims and I have one using the long left hand one, more will come too in the future 

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7 hours ago, bettershone said:

it's good to create animations of this type, but I think we should consider (if possible) to be able to automatically add the dildos with these positions.

As happens with the strapons that auto-equip. But it may be too complicated :angel:


That would be more on Turbodriver's side of expertise, the strap-on was added to the script and was a no brainer, if a female stands in for a male role, it's equipped, but sometimes it'll appear at random when not called for or not at all and will need enabling manually,

My fear with adding all of the toys and accessories automatically has the potential to get pretty messy and require too much maintenance on Turbo's end everytime a new patch comes in,

For now this way does work and is easily activated or corrected by an outfit change as opposed to a heap of coding which I know very little about :sweat_smile:

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