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Exporting/Changing/Re-Adding Dialogue to a mod


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Hello there, I have a little question:


I tinker with the idea to "overhaul" one of my favorite mods on this site, which is very dialogue heavy. But the dialogue suffers, in my opinion, quite a bit from mistakes, and weird choice of words and wording etc. So...even though I understand it might take a while, I wanna look into it and make some changes and corrections.


However - I am not entirely sure how one should approach this. I am no modder by any means ^^ - so far, I loaded the mod into the Creation Kit (via Mod Organizer), and my frst idea was to export the dialogue, and have a look into the generated txt-file...which is quite a mess to look at I have to say ...


My question here now is: Is this txt-file where the changes should be made, and can this file be "reapplied" into the mod afterwards, kinda overwriting the original dialogue? If so, how? ^^ And if NOT, what is the proper way to approach all this.


Any advice, or pointing into the right direction are welcome ^^

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