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Mesh have to have weight?


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Hi guys, Merry Christmas and Happy new year!


I'm converting Elysium armor but i dont want to add weight to the scarf but Outfit Studio keep pop up warning and it masks the area that dont have weight. How can i bypass this? Thank you!




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No if something isn't weighted then it'll throw the error up and I don't think there is a way to by pass it. If you want it to not warn you could manually paint that spot. Plus you will NOT be able to see the outfit in nifskope if it has a piece that's not weighted as the outfit will be invisible when you open the nif in nifskope in game that spot will stretch or disappear.

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OS asks you "do you want to mask the unweighted vertices?"


-> select yes and press T and then L (disable textures and lighting). Examine the meshes to find the masked areas which should have a black-ish shader.


Invert the mask, and hover the weight paint brush over the weights at the edge of the unweighted vertices. Note the value of the weights at the edge.


Now enable "Fixed Weight Brush" (below the bones list on the right), press Space and set the "Strength" to match the values you determined before.


Paint this weight strength on the unmasked vertices, also cycle through all other bone weights to make sure you covered all of them. Save and test.

Repeat the process if OS still finds unmasked vertices when you try to save.

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