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Your Favorote (not OP) Rifle/Shotgun mods?

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Hey all!  I'm thinking of creating a build that takes FULL advantage of the "rifleman" perk!  There are a few great rifles in game, but I'm hoping to add a bit more verity. Anyone have some suggestions for some good rifles or shotguns added to the game?  How about some texture overhauls for existing ones?  Extra mods that make using them more fun?  Autido changes to give the blasts that extra "OOMF!" sound?  Looking for suggestions!  
P.S.  Also, let's not add anything the TOTALLY breaks the game.  There are a few custom rifle mods that are WAY overpowered! 90% of them aren’t even available till you’re already at a pretty high level, and many of the ones you can get at lower levels are so OP that you’re practicly un unstopple juggernaught!
P. P..S.  Energy weapons are sweet too, provided they are considered or can me modded into a rifle configuration. Bonus points if they can take advantage of the rifleman perk!  Seriously, the Alien Rifle is basically the coolest mod to ever exist!!!

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RU556, Widow Shotgun, Doom based weapon pack, Skibada weapon pack, Wattz 300 Laser, FN P90


All those are on Nexus. Doom based and Skibada are both packs with multiple weapons. RU556 is very fun to use  and Wattz 300 is a little bit of everything (pistol, auto or sniper). P90 is also fun but seems pretty powerful, at least in auto. These are some of the guns I have had the most fun with at least, probably the RU556 or Wattz would be my favorites. 

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