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[REQUEST] Latex/rubber outfits for males?

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For a long time, I've been searching and desiring wearable latex/rubber outfits for males. Most of the mods I came across are only for females and I want to give my male Khajiit something kinky to wear. (I only play male as I'm male in real life!)


Here's a list of styles I would like to see:

  • Catsuit (and crotchless variant)
  • Stockings (and toeless variant)
  • Elbow gloves (with fingerless variant)
  • Shorts (and open-crotch variant)
  • Thong (for those who prefer playing a femboy)


This is not a complete list and I would love a lot of diversity, coming in a lot of colours. Optionally, SoS preferred for the open-crotch latex clothes.


If anybody knows of such mod or is willing to spend the time making a mod for that, I'd gladly appreciate that! :smile:

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I would love a Mod like this too. but I doub anyone will make one. The most who do Latex are strict straight and make only female outfits. (Becaquse playing female characters).

If I would know how to make Models and stuff for Skyrim and Co I would try it myselfe (like I did for starbound too). But I have nor the needed tools, nor the needed knowledge.

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