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  1. Xentor

    [RimWorld] [B18] RimJobWorld 1.6.1a

    This lacks real Latexclothes
  2. Xentor

    Male content call out!

    Sorry. For me the Threat name sounded like general all games.Not only Skyrim.
  3. Xentor

    Male content call out!

    I worked on a Male Mod for Stellaris, sadly I made it only so far to make own Racepictures (leader, and the littel citizens), some traits and namelist. I lack the programms to make own ships or buildings sadly. And the "tutorials" are too very rare for the different topics. But if someone who has there more experience would like to add ideas or help, would be welcome I can upload the Mod if there is interest.
  4. I made (the beginning) of a male Artwork mod based on my LAtexian specy. But it is yet only leaderpictures and the little colonist pictures. I would like to make a own cityscape too, and spaceships, but for the 1 I know not how to make (Tehcnical I can draw them), and for the 2. I have not Maya (the programm you need to make own ships). Events would be very cool too. So if someone has a bt more experience, would be cool to work together? I can upload the files here too natural but it is not yet complete so I doub it makes mutch sence.
  5. Xentor

    Male content call out!

    I worked a bit on a Male (Artworkrelated) Mod for Stellaris, but I am not ye thappy with it. Till now I could only replace the artworks of the leaders and small colonyfigures, but would like to do some more stuff, but sadly the "documentation" Tutorials for modding this game is very thin. Anyone an idea?
  6. Xentor

    (Starbound) Latexians Race

    Hmm the Mod I did Upload to Steam is not the Sexbound combatible one. Beacuse, well , the steam people are a bit more let say prude.... For the Sexbound Mod combatibility you need the Mod here. Sorry.
  7. Xentor

    (Starbound) Latexians Race

    So, now please delete your (not allowed) uploaded Mod. I did upload it.
  8. Xentor

    (Starbound) Latexians Race

    Okay cool, than I will try this.
  9. Xentor

    (Starbound) Latexians Race

    hmm no sorry. It is my mod. You can help me make the Mod uploadable for Steam, but pleas enot upload it yourselfe. I have no Problem to put it on Steam but I know not how. I guess for this I must do a so called PAK File. but the programm I had for this works notmore. So if you wanna help me there and tell me what I need to do. I am happy to put it on Steam, but sorry, only me.
  10. Xentor

    (Starbound) Latexians Race

    Sorry I can not fix conflicts with Mods I use not myselfe. Here try this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/8y09f3rv9doecd5/latexian(7Zip).7z?dl=0
  11. Xentor

    (Starbound) Latexians Race

    I know,, but I own it not ? no reason for be sorry.
  12. Xentor

    (Starbound) Latexians Race

    Not at the moment, the actual next goal had been work on own landscape, but I never found out how. I was yet happy to make all the other necearry scripts run. I know the ship looks not soooo good. I have not the fitting graficprogramm for it. Only phtoshop. :-). So I made a 3D Rendering of the ships hull and used it there. But I am ever happy for help and improvement,, So would be nice to talk about it. I hoped ever to get some more reply to the Mod after post it here (in the normal Starbound Modsection the constructive Reply was too not very "ritch"). So I am ever happy to talk about ideas or improvements.
  13. Eigther this, or coat the tail too in latex?
  14. I would love a Mod like this too. but I doub anyone will make one. The most who do Latex are strict straight and make only female outfits. (Becaquse playing female characters). If I would know how to make Models and stuff for Skyrim and Co I would try it myselfe (like I did for starbound too). But I have nor the needed tools, nor the needed knowledge.
  15. Xentor

    (Starbound) Latexians Race

    download the File, and extract the .rar file. Put the folder inside it in the Starbound Mod folder.