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Hello all, 


I've encountered a peculiar discrepancy between what bodyslide suggests my clothes should look like and how they look in game.


For any clothing in game that has a section that falls below the crotch but is not attached (doesn't happen for underwear for example) it appears to create a forward-facing 90 degree jutter (almost as if it has been pinched inwards) in the article of clothing which creates an ugly, immersion-breaking result.  I have attacked screenshots comparing Morag Tong armour in game and on bodyslide.  I am using CNHF Bonus in game and for the Bodyslide preview.  


I am in no ways an expert on bodyslide so it could be I have messed up somewhere along the line there.


 Any light anyone can shed on this issue would be much appreciated!  


NB I have installed the same mods previously and not had this issue.  Could it be some files were previously left over and have now messed something up?


Many thanks, Vespulan


EDIT: Added Load order.




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That right there in the 2nd screenshot is a weight painting issue. Click the piece that is doing that and look at what bones are all attached to it. Then once you see which ones are there use the weight painting brush to remove the one/ones causing the issue my guess would be that the thigh bone is causing it. Make sure to do it to both pieces.

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My guess is that it has the thigh attached to it. When thigh moves so does the skirt piece because it's attached to the thigh to stop it you need to remove the thigh weights paint from the skirt.


To remove a weight paint load it into outfit studios and select the bad part hit T to turn off textures so it's easier to see what you are doing then click bone and go to left thigh bone and click it part should color. Hold down ALT and left mouse button and move it around till the color is gone then repeat for the right thigh bone. Export then repeat for other nif because what you do to the _0 nif has to be done to the _1 nif as well or it will not change in game.


A idle pose could also cause it as well.

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The mod I'm using for these armours (Remodelled Armour for UUNP Bodyslide HDT) looked fine the first time I did this though.


Have I managed to remove skirt modes on my bodies somehow?  Why hasn't this been corrected by XMPSE/UUNP?


Pretty much every item of clothing/armour that features a skirt has this pinch at the crotch and sticks straight out.  

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Bumping because I'm still encountering this issue after complete wipe and re-install using MO.


Every piece of armour or clothing is 'pinching' at the crotch. 


Is there a file I can download that resets the bones/nodes of my skeleton?  Is it to do with install order?


Thanks, Vespulan 

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Thanks Manuel, I've double checked my XMPSE and in doing so installed a new idle animation on a whim to see if I could narrow down the problem.


Turns out with the new idle animation the deformity is different - it's not gone but this makes me think it may be a problem with FNIS.


Does anyone know where FNIS installs it's files and how I can completely wipe it?



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Still haven't managed to solve this issue - anyone got any ideas what could have caused it?


The thing that is puzzling me is that clothing worked fine before I added Devious Devices.  I then removed it, noticed the problem and re-install Skyrim but the problem persists.  Any help appreciated.


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