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Long loadingscreens after Anub Creature (Solved)


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I Installed Anub Creature 10.2017

since then my game got 30-50 seconds loadingscreens.


Don't get fixed after:

deinstalling/reinstalling the animation pack

deinstalling/reinstalling more creatures 

deinstalling/reinstalling creature framework


I created a new game and everything work at the start and then it gets worse over time.

Some loadingscreens are just black with smoke.


Someone got an idea how i can fix this problem ?



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Ok i solved the loading time.

uhm... the new animations that got added triggers all animals without animations befor anub was installed

to rape whole skyrim with the rape mod at a certain level of arousement.


that works very good with populated lands&roads and skyrim distance overhaul. :grin:

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