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Ultimate Skyrim Immersion Mod List?

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I have been trying to get a stable mod load out/list for an ultimate Skyrim immersion and survival experience. Basically, I am trying to make the game as open as possible choice-wise and really focusing on using mods such as Live Another Life, to pretty much Roleplay as freely as possible.


This would include hunger, thirst, cold, warm (iNeed), bath houses, better NPCs, better graphics etc.


Of course, I want to add Sex Labs, the Amorous Adventures quests and various prostitutes to help complete the immersion experience so the option for sexual encounters exists in Skyrim.


I would love to see what mod load orders everyone uses.

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I haven't done anything with needs/survival mods, so I can't comment there - but I kind of want to try iNeed alongside Weight Morphs to balance the need to regularly eat food with watching the Dragonborn's figure.


As far choice mods, ASLAL (which you mentioned) is a must have (I tend to gravitate towards the "camping in the woods" start because of its proximity to the vanilla starting point - but anything that lets me skip over the vanilla start is a win). You can supplement those with Content Consumer's Alternate Starts and Live a Deviant Life.


I also like mods such as Timing is Everything, The Choice is Yours, Not So Fast (Main Quest), Not So Fast (Mage Guild), Thieves Guild Requirements, and The Paarthurnax Dilemma so that you control the quests rather than the other way around.  Somewhat related (immersionally) is Better Stealing.


As far as graphics, right now I'm using Skyrim HD, Realistic Water Two, and Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2. I know there are more and probably better mods, but I'm trying to keep my mod list lean rather than overloaded with everything under the sun, and those alone make Skyrim look and sound quite pretty. There are also all of the aMidianborn texture replacers. 

For better (looking) NPCs, Bijin NPCs, Wives, and Warmaiders are must haves for me.


For sexual encounters, Sexlab Eager NPCs opens up the option for sexual encounters with pretty much any NPC (and allows you to trade sex for training) and Sexlab Solutions provides a more enjoyable way to satisfy certain quests. I like the combo of Radiant Prostitution and Pearl Juice Continued - you make money having sex, then make more money selling the cum, and satisfy any cum inflation fetish you may have along the way.

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I don't recommend INeed. It broke my saves horribly (no quicksaves). I was about a week in-game and my character had really weird things happening to her. For Food/Thirst/Sleep/Diseases use Realistic Needs and Diseases instead. It's a lot more stable and is yet to ruin my saves. I also use Frostfall, Camping, Private Needs, Beeing female (pregnancy), STDs, Sex Crimes, Bathing in Skyrim (adds dirt textures and hygiene), Sexlab Eager NPCs, Sexlab Defeat, Loot and Degradation (for risking having your armor break in combat... forces nudity for immersion), TAWOBA armor break mod,  SexLab Arousal etc.

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