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Hey people! For my new Skyrim playthrough I wanted to play as a (bit of a dick) non-fighter type of person. While creating this character I was wondering if there any mods that add some type of "barter" system with bandits and other misfits that would normally attack you on sight. For example, you have to bypass a bandit camp on the road. Instead of sneaking around the camp or kill them all. You can make some kind of agreement. "loaning" your unfortunate follower or something in those lines. Maybe sell stuff to them that they can use for their evil doings, devious related content or skooma etc. Or maybe even sell them a slave to work for them.

I really couldn't find anything in these lines so I'm hoping maybe some of you can point me into a direction? Sorry if this isn't in the right section or a stupid question, kinda new lol.
Something like this would really fit the description of my character, kinda playing as a two sided person. One side is just a bard/merchant singing and selling and while the other darker side is being quite active in the dark underwold of Skyrim.


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hmmm, I have quite some ideas that you could use ..

For a non-fighter character along that lines you may have already stumbled upon mods like

Talking yourself out of situations - you may think of some LL mods like

  • SL solutions https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1635-s
  • Depending on your setting - the Devious series have some mods to avoid being killed, but still paying a fee with your body
  • Some mods like Defeat or SL Submit  allow you to surrender instead of fighting  - again with configurable consequences
  • Finally you could simply add yourself to bandit factions via console and roleplay your way through everything - I would suggest a prostitution mod in addition for that
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