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Alright, so I built a new rig which brings with it some issues. (Complete install of everything all over again.) Which is fine. I've been on here for a while and I really don't need help in that department. I have a reasonably solid grasp on installing the whole 9 yards.


Here is the issue.


I was avoiding switching to S:SE because the SKSE for it wasn't out. Now that the Alpha SKSE S:SE version is out, am I good to simply switch versions?
Take Sexlab as an example. Meeting all of Sexlabs requirements, will it work on S:SE now? or will it need its own version for S:SE?


Thanks in advance.


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myuhinny nailed it.


Mod conversion to SE is pretty simple on the surface but there are alot of little behind the scenes things that need to be done to get them fully converted properly.  Meshes, Textures, ect, all need to be upgraded.  With SKSE64 out though, mods are now being converted like mad.


SL hasn't been fully converted yet, but there's a "light" version that has alot of the functionality.


To me, it's worth the switch.  64 bit architecture means the game can access all of your PC's power.  THe game runs smoother and faster, you'll be able to use a higher graphics setting (OldRIm pegs my machine at High graphics.  SE says Ultra, lol).  While I haven't tested it, IN THEORY access to all that extra power SHOULD mean that the game can handle a heavy mod load better also.  That assuming you still follow all the rules with LOOT, the mod cap, etc...

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The SKSE 64 is an alpha, and while i didn't find any negative reports about it, it's not meant to be installed by users. It's only an early release for modders to test if they find bugs/ are missing stuff they need. And many modders have already enough on their table and won't even test it unless it's considered stable. SL light does not use SKSE 64, it was rewritten to work without. So... no. If you want to use mods using SKSE, it's too early to switch.

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