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Which add-on / expansion is worth buying?


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Depends on what you find important. I'd really recomend to get them all, but that obviously depends on your disposable income and how much you like the sims. Vampires, Parenthood and Pets can be skipped if you aren't interested in those particular aspects, but I find Get togheter, City living and Get to work critical.


Spa Day, Dine out and Outdoor retreat are... nice, but not too important. The stuff packs are nice too, but not really critical in any way.


IMO of course. Again, it depends on what aspect of playing the sims you find most fun/critical. I just want plain variety of stuff to do, so I get them all.

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I wouldn't recommend any of them at full price so definitely buy them when they're on sale. I would say either Vampires, Parenthood, or Get Together. Those add the most gameplay, the others are a lot more cosmetic in nature.

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I went with city living myself. That way my sim can live in an apartment and I can do city stuff, I thought that was really important for me and my sim. I want dine out as well cause I love having food/restaurants in games, but that'll have to wait till next month. That and get together.


EA has all the Sims 4 DLC for sell right now on Origin for 65% off (black friday sales). I imagine it'll go on sale again for Christmas sales.

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Some shoping sites sell bundle keys. There you get most play packs much cheaper than normal and some stuff packs are also includes. I dont know how many bundle exist i think about eight and than you have most sims 4 parts completed. (Dogs and cats expansion i havn´t seen in any bundle yet)

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I would recommend Get to work, City living, and get to together, I miss bridge port and this city living is pretty good. Just hope something comes along that adds burglars to the game I miss that function from sims 3. as for the other packs I dont know as I stopped buying from EA and wont purchase any more packs from them due to yea you know. still those packs are worth it to me.

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The EP's in TS4 leave you wanting a lot more than the previous games.


I would say, only get City Living if you really like living in apartments and going to festivals. The apartments aren't all very customizable, and you can't build your own so be wary of that. The festivals get a little old after you visit them a few times.


Get to Work is okay. The careers could have been made more lively if the Co-Workers actually did different things and you weren't repeating the same tasks over & over. The retail system isn't nearly as advanced as TS2's Open For Business, so don't expect the amount of depth there. It also adds aliens which are kinda fun.


I would go for a Game Pack, they have a lot more content than the others. Either Dine Out, Vampires, Parenthood, or Spa Day. Outdoor Retreat is pretty boring unless you like camping and herbalism.


The Stuff Packs are pretty throw-away. Only get them if you really want the central gameplay them they add, or you want more CAS items & objects to decorate with. Perfect Patio adds the hot tub, and Vintage Glamour adds the Butler NPC. Those are the only ones I'd really recommend. These packs hardly go on sale, so I purchase them from key sellers instead.

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