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Need help making a shiny latex texture


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I have very little modding experience making outfits and clothing/armor and I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand.


What I want to do is take this outfit in https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11878/? and change the basic base clothing (pants and top) to have a shiny, latex/vinyl look to them. By base clothes I mean the pants and the top, not the armor pieces or accessories. I really like the design of this mod, but I don't like the matte, flat red of the material of the pants and top and I have a huge latex, leather, vinyl fetish so I wanted to make these clothing pieces "shiny" and glossy 


I really have no idea how to do this and I'm somewhat of a modding dummy so a step-by-step would be awesome. I really don't wish to inconvenience anyone here but I have literally no idea on how to go about doing this. :cry:


The tools I have at my disposal are GIMP 2 (with the extensions to read .DDS), Photoshop CS6 with a plugin to read .DDS files, Material Editor and Nifskope. I know I have all the tools needed, but now I just need the help to figure out how to go about this. 


Thanks for any help you guys can give me!! I really appreciate it! :heart:

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So I tried this in NifSkope but the texture isn't changing at all. Its still appearing flat matte red despite having cranked up the glossiness, specular level and making the specular color a lighter color.


The changes noted above have no effect on the model in NifSkope and they aren't appearing in-game.


I'm kind of at a loss at this point and banging my head on the wall trying to figure this out. I know that the *_s.DDS file in the textures is the actual specular map, but all I know is how to open it in Photoshop


Anyone have an idea of what to do?

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