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Seans Attractive Women UNP

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im pretty sure a unp version exist.


if i manage to get the cbbe file, there is a way to swap the mesh with unp body but, the textures will be not correct and i dont know what skin was used in this mod.


But if i can have a UNP version, it will be great. or i will try the second way

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Was messing around when I ran into a texture file from fallout 4 so used it to change my miya followers CBBE body textures to that texture file and it works. Might go check and see what else there is for CBBE body textures on the fallout forum and maybe change her textures some more.

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Not sure if fallout 4 hands and feet are the same though so there might be color mismatches unless they also use the same CBBE textures. There will be a neck mismatch unless you use a neck concealer or find head textures that are close to the color.


Skyrim body with fallout 4 textures.




 Now I just need to find out why Miya is a uppity bitch and will not wear anything I give her maybe there's something in her .esp that I can change to force her to wear what I give her. I ported her armor from her game and the stuck bitch won't even wear them.

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