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Bethesda & Skyrim Together=OK...without Steam


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Just found out about it now, but Bethesda has stopped the mod from being released on Steam (which is crucial at the moment since it uses some of Steam's API to function)....despite being OK with it being released. Either they are just being dicks again, or they are planning on doing more with Skyrim such as implementing multiplayer themselves. And here I was hopping to be able to use it when it released.

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1- Why bother asking Bethesda in the first place since Skyrim mods are allowed on Steam?

2- Does releasing it elsewhere block the usage of the Steam API since the game is played via Steam?


I think they are afraid of the TES MMO losing customers to this. Not sure how well the use of other mods would work with this (if at all).

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From what I've read, mods will work with Skyrim Together. As long as people have the same mods installed, they will work. Including quest mods. I don't think SKSE mods will work completely. Things like SkyUI should be okay, but more complex mods with .dll plugins will likely not work.


So things like wepaons, armor, companions, quests, new lands, and such will work. If people don't have a certain armor or weapon mod installed, they wont see it when other players are using it.



My guess is that Bethesda is either releasing a paid online mod for Cancer Club. Or they don't want people thinking it's an official system/platform and contacting them about problems with any online community they run into. We can only speculate. I wouldn't think it has anything to do with TESO, but I wouldn't put it pass them. Either way, it seems pretty malicious. If there's more to it, they should be more transparent about it. It seems like they don't care anything about goodwill or PR these days.

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