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Women Leaders- Are they Better?


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 A popular notion in the world for as long as there have been people is to blame someone or "group" whenever something bad happens or is happening. Leaders are the culprit in most cases involving societies both big and small. They are blamed for starting something or not doing enough or anything about what may be causing problems. Whether it be crime, city or county maintenance like sewage and water, unpopular civil laws, or corruption in the governing body itself.

 Now the point I am trying ask here is whether men make poor leaders in general and do women do any better a job at governing? If so, why? Do males have something lacking in judgement that women do not? Are women somewhat better suited to settle disputes or allay fears? Or are they just more appealing in general to the voting public? Perhaps they are better at organizing the governing body and various offices. Maybe women are better at making allies where a male would make enemies. Are they more impartial judges when it comes to the people they govern or to other leaders- are they fairer?

 I ask this because as we move further into the future, women are challenging men in almost every profession. So the inevitable question is; Are they better suited or equipped to lead in the present and future- in place of men or with male subordinates? What do you think? And please be respectful to others in your comments. :)

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