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Looking for a LoversPK mod that causes spectators to masturbate!

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The title really does say it all. I feel like there used to be a mod kicking around for LoversPK which caused spectators -- NPCs that approach and watch any sexual activity going on -- to start masturbating. However, I have been unable to locate it since my last reinstall. If anyone can point me in the right direction, you win internet points! :3

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I have Joburg installed, but... I'll need to check out its options again. <.<


Pretend that you waited five minutes while I did that. :D


Okay, so... I do not see an option for this. Nothing that is obvious, anyway. Could it be "Active Mode", under the Advanced Options? Or... is it based on the Lewdness setting? There are so many unexplained things! T-T

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Folks, please don't recommend installing old obsolete mods.  Lovers MB2 is included with the LAPF as is stated in the OP:  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21241-lapf/

Installing the old version will give you fucked up body meshes and non LAPF compatible animations, which frankly are shit.



On joburg, rape (called "stalking" and it is only for non-combat situations) is kinda the whole point of Joburg.  You can tweak it down to nothing if that is what you want as it is completely customizable.  There are other features that joburg has besides the stalking, but few use them.  It is just matter of playing with the options.  The latest version of Joburg is this one:  http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2-joburg/

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This must be the most well-hidden and/or poorly labelled setting ever, because I can't find it anywhere. x.x I checked both LoversJoburg.ini and LoversJoburgDef1.ini, and nothing jumped out at me.


Look at the MB2 ini, you'll find the gather folks around you settings there.

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Okay, so I feel like maybe I explained what I was looking for poorly.


I am not looking for a mod that causes NPCs to gather around you when you cast the Masturbate spell.


Within the in-game settings for Lovers with PK, there is an option under Sex Effects called "Spectators". It causes NPCs to approach whomever is engaged in the sex animation and "watch". I am trying to find a setting or mod that will cause those spectators to masturbate. I don't know if this function exists at all; I could just be remembering something that happens to Joburg stalkers while they wait.


But on the off chance that it does exist, that is what I am looking for. ^-^;

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The setting you are looking for is the instill lust one.  Use the gather crowd setting to get whatever size crowd you want to watch and whack off.

This is called out in the loversMB2 readme file in the docs folder of the LAPF download.



There is another mod called lovers stupid that added a priest and a group to the imperial city and they would randomly stop, drop and masturbate all on their own.  But that is a little beyond what you are looking for.

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This must be the most well-hidden and/or poorly labelled setting ever, because I can't find it anywhere. x.x I checked both LoversJoburg.ini and LoversJoburgDef1.ini, and nothing jumped out at me.

In the LoversJoburg.ini file, there should be two options:

;Percentage chance of stalker masturbating instead of raping
; Needs LoversMB2 to be loaded
set xLoversJoburg.StalkerMBPer to xx.x
;Percentage chance that spectator masturbates while watching
set xLoversJoburg.SpectatorMBPer to xx.x

The bottom one is the one that you are looking for.


I might be wrong, but that only seems to apply to situations where the PC (or an NPC) are masturbating. It doesn't appear to have any effect on the spectators watching two characters copulate.

This is correct. Spectators will only masturbate when the PC is involved in the action.

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... My LoversJoburg.ini doesn't have anything like that. <.<


This is the entire contents of LoversJoburg.ini:




; Scalable tool configuration file
; ------------------------
; Maximum number of stalkers
set xLoversJoburg.StalkerMax to 5
;(For additional observation) maximum number stalker
set xLoversJoburg.StalkerNPCMax to 4
;Stalker sight distance
set xLoversJoburg.StalkerDistance to 1800
;Stalker sight distance (indoor)
set xLoversJoburg.StalkerDistanceIndoor to 1000

;Hours guard attack
;And since there is no tension to very easily,
; Recommendation about 0.10 to 0.15 seconds, but keep a sense of last resort when cornered
set xLoversJoburg.GuardAttackTime to 0.15

; Probability curve for estrus
; Straight line 0: amount of change per degree of exposure is constant
; Curve: 1 2 per degree of variation of exposure is greater as the distance vanishingly small
; Quadratic curve 2: the amount of change per degree of exposure (as opposed to 1) vanishingly small as far away
; All probability is the same at 100 0 and 0-2 both sexy. Intermediate process is different.
; An estrus interval appears so according to the exponential distribution, changes in the "interval" around 20 degrees Sexy
; 0 (one of five equally spaced about a change of approximately 0-100 but not exact) pace (many times) half-and-half, one is smooth and linear,
; 2 is (little change from it and the other close to the interval of about 50 100) further feel that rapidly changes in 0.
set xLoversJoburg.CalcHeatPerMode to 0

; Allowed to etch when greeting between NPC (from the player) distance
; Default is based on so large you can now forcibly suspended Lovers on the system.
set xLoversJoburg.GreetingHDistance to 5000

;Boundary have a favorable impression (degrees friendly)
set xLoversJoburg.GoodDisposition to 60

;Time zone correction
; From top to bottom, midnight bed, one bed, two bed ... when is the correction value.
Set xLoversJoburg.tf00 to 3.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf01 to 3.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf02 to 3.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf03 to 3.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf04 to 2.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf05 to 1.5
Set xLoversJoburg.tf06 to 1.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf07 to 1.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf08 to 0.9
Set xLoversJoburg.tf09 to 0.8
Set xLoversJoburg.tf10 to 0.7
Set xLoversJoburg.tf11 to 0.6
Set xLoversJoburg.tf12 to 0.5
Set xLoversJoburg.tf13 to 0.6
Set xLoversJoburg.tf14 to 0.7
Set xLoversJoburg.tf15 to 0.8
Set xLoversJoburg.tf16 to 0.9
Set xLoversJoburg.tf17 to 1.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf18 to 1.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf19 to 1.5
Set xLoversJoburg.tf20 to 1.5
Set xLoversJoburg.tf21 to 2.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf22 to 3.0
Set xLoversJoburg.tf23 to 3.0

;See you sleep plugin when night crawling weight in your environment
; If you go black when night crawling, please try to increase the weight.
set xLoversJoburg.SeeYouSleepWait to 0.5





And this is the LoversJoburgDef1.ini




;Joburg settings tweaks ini
set xLoversJoburgCorruptLV          to 15        
set xLoversJoburg.GreetingHFactor   to 1.00    

set xLoversJoburg.MMFactor          to 0.01        
set xLoversJoburg.MFFactor          to 1.00        
set xLoversJoburg.FMFactor          to 0.02        
set xLoversJoburg.FFFactor          to 0.02        
set xLoversJoburg.CMFactor          to 0.01        
set xLoversJoburg.CFFactor          to 1.00        
set xLoversJoburg.CompanionFactor   to 0.03    
set xLoversJoburg.FollowerFactor    to 0.10        
set xLoversJoburg.SpecialNPCFactor  to 0.00    ;NPC(Essential)

set xLoversJoburg.PCFactor          to 1.00        
set xLoversJoburg.TCompanionFactor  to 1.00    
set xLoversJoburg.TFollowerFactor   to 1.00    
set xLoversJoburg.TSpecialNPCFactor to 1.00    ;NPC(Essential)




Could you be using a different version? I'm using the one here.

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