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  1. I'm on 8.4 (For SSE). If there's an 8.5, maybe the update fixed the issues I'm having! I hope so, because that arrest dialogue is just... such a problem if you aren't using the custom prison. ><; Edit: I couldn't find a version 8.5! T-T
  2. I've been having issues with the new "arrest" dialogue for a while, and I'm kind of reaching the end of my rope with it. Would it be possible for me to remove it myself with xEdit? If so, what should I look for?
  3. I don't know if anything like this exists, but does anyone know of a mod that add adoptable adults? Instead of the children you normally adopt, I mean. I know it sounds weird, but I saw a lewd comic in which the Dovakiin adopts a 20 year old nymphomaniac and now the idea is stuck in my head.
  4. There may be a bug with the brothel upgrades. I started buying brothels to store enemy queens, and everything was normal. They'd make a hundred or so denars per day. Then when I had room for 10 businesses, I decided to go and buy a whole ten brothels. Then I started upgrading them, and as I went from brothel to brothel I noticed something peculiar. The brothel income was making exponential jumps in profit. With each upgraded brothel, the profit became more and more ridiculous. First it was ~800 per day. Then it was 2500. Then it was 17500. Then it was 33000. Then 65000. Now, with 1
  5. I was just looking through my video capture folder, and found this clumsily recorded footage of my thicc Nord. She set up camp half-way up the Throat of the World so she could reward her little friend after he saved her from a frost troll. :3
  6. Thanks for the detailed breakdown! I've decided to leave Corruption aside for now; at least until there's a tried and tested version of Peril for SSE. I know Peril is tracked on the SSE conversion page, but the link seems to be attached to the Oldrim version and I didn't see any indication of SSE compatibility there.
  7. I can confirm that bug; same thing happened to me. The first time I got that event it worked properly, but the second time I had 100 or so troops on my side vs one "kidnapper boss bodyguard".
  8. From what I've seen, the NPCs generated by this mod don't even appear in the encyclopedia. I haven't noticed any difference in the number of Wanderers, either.
  9. I don't know if it will cause technical difficulties, but I personally like to be selective with who I allow into my clan. :x So far I've just been taking them prisoner, giving them to my troops for the night, and then letting them go from the Party screen. Catch 'n release. It would just be nice if I could let them go right from the initial "You've discovered a woman among your prisoners" event.
  10. As a brief suggestion, it would be nice to have a more benign option if you come across a female "hero". Right now the only choices are "Keep her as a prisoner", "Invite her to your clan", or "Execute her". A "Let her go free" option would be a nice, neutral alternative to fuckin' chopping her head off if your clan is full or you don't need/want another prisoner. :3
  11. Is the new version missing the zCEAnimations folder, or was that removed intentionally?
  12. I think you may have misunderstood my request. I don't need something which will inform Sexlab of the change; Gender Bender already does that. What I want is a widget that can provide an at-a-glance indication of whether the PC is considered male or female at any given moment, without the need to go into the MCM or strip off their armor to double-check.
  13. I would like to request a simple mod that would add a small widget somewhere on the screen that displays the PC's current gender according to Sexlab. And possibly, a second widget that could do the same for any NPC you're currently looking at. As much as I love playing as a dickgirl, a dick tends to get in the way with a lot of sexlab content. For this reason I installed Gender Bender SE, an awesome little mod which, amongst other things, allows you to switch your sexlab gender with a hotkey. It works perfectly well, but this method poses the problem that you will sometimes forget
  14. So I'm prepping to start a new playthrough of Skyrim, and that means its time for me to think about what mods to keep/remove. I've never used Corruption before, so I want to get a sense of how "complete" it is. Is everything listed on the OP already implemented, or is some of it still a WIP? Is it more-or-less stable as it is now? If it updates in the near future, can I install the update and keep playing the same save without issues? Unrelated but also kind of related, what content will be missing if I don't install Milk Mod Economy? I uninstalled MME a while back, but
  15. This might be a silly question, but is it safe to update this mod without starting a new game? I installed the newest version (deleting the folders from the old version first, rather than simply overwriting) and started playing my existing save... but I was suddenly hitting tons of crashes. Edit: I decided to test things a bit by starting a new game. I went right to Ocs Hall and entered the arena for a practice fight, and finished two fights with no crash. In my old game, it was crashing in there 100% of the time. So maybe it really is just a bad idea to update without starting a n
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