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  1. That is awfully tempting... maybe I'll save that link for future playthroughs. :3
  2. So far, the only thing that has fixed the freezing bug for me has been the SuperMutantFreezeFix.esp included in the UAP installation (it is installed when you choose the "extended" super mutant skeleton for dick-floppin' animations). Unfortunately, that fix has the downside of not allowing you to target super mutant limbs. Not just in VATS, but at all. You can manually shoot a Suicider's right arm, and it won't explode. IMO, it's not worth it... I'm playing a VATS-heavy cowgirl type, so being able to blow up the suiciders is crucial for me. ><; Back to the rigid, non-floppy cocks for me. :C
  3. So I also ran into this issue (using CBBE 3BBB), and I was looking around for solutions, There was one thread where someone pointed out that when the animation's motion is vertical, such as with the "carry" animations, you can see some breast movement. It's only when the motion is horizontal (doggy, missionary, etc) that the breast physics don't seem to work. They suggested that there might be something in the OCBP preset that prevents the breasts from "bouncing" along a "y" axis. I think I... somewhat confirmed this; during a missionary animation, I zoomed in super close on the character's tiddies and could see a very, very slight up-and-down bounce happening. No back-and-forth. Just up-and-down. It's fuckin' weird, but I feel like if someone knows how to make the right changes to the OCBP.ini file, we could fix this problem!
  4. So here's a problem I've never seen before, and I couldn't find anything with google. I just started a new game after installing AAF and a bunch of lewd mods. I avoided talking to Preston, and instead headed straight to that diner to kill the two chem dealers, and then moved on to claim the Starlight Drive-In. Starlight is one of my favorite settlement locations, so I always take my time building it up. This time was no different; set up a small farm, water purifier, a couple of buildings for my settlers to live in. Afterwards, I looped back to the museum to save Preston. Everything seemed perfectly normal at this point. Got through the deathclaw fight, and decided to go sell the minigun/ammo before I joined them in Sanctuary. Then I went back to Starlight, and found that all of the things I built were gone. It's the weirdest thing. When I first claimed it, I went around scrapping everything I possibly could. I even used "disable" to remove the skeletons that are normally strewn around the lot. When I got back, roughly half of the debris had returned; a bunch of the wrecked cars, some of the lampposts and speakers. Not everything was back; just some of it. After that, I decided to reload to the last save I had before entering the museum. It was when I was standing in a little shack occupied by a radroach. I immediately ran back to Starlight, and everything was gone. Exited the game, reloaded the same save, and checked again. So I reloaded a save from when I was still inside Starlight. Thankfully, nothing had vanished on that save; I'm going to repeat everything I did the first time around, and see if it happens again. In the meantime, I'm hoping that someone has some insight into what could have caused this kind of bug! Here's my load order; Update: I redid all of the progress I'd lost by reloading. This time around, nothing in the settlement disappeared on me. I'm sort of relieved, but also worried that this might happen again. If anyone knows what caused this, I'd still very much like to know!
  5. Thanks! I found the option in Violate's menu. x3 Kind of weird that it was hiding the HUD by default, but at least it could be toggled!
  6. Resolved: It wasn't a bug after all. There's an option in AAF Violate to hide the HUD during scenes, and I had it toggled on! I just finished installing AAF and a bunch of fun-lookin' mods, with the help of this convenient guide. I'm in the process of testing everything to make sure its all working right before I start a new game, and so far almost everything appears to be working. Yay! I've run into something that might be a bug, though. Since I'm new to this mod, this might just be the mods working as intended... but I figured I should ask, just to be safe. During a couple of scenes, I've noticed that the usual AAF HUD (which you normally toggle by hitting the [Home] key) doesn't show up -- which means that I can't see/change which animation is playing, nor can I prematurely end the animation. So far, this has happened after I'm forced to surrender via the AAF Violate mod, and after manually surrendering via the AAF Sex Em Up mod. So far I haven't seen it happen in situations where my character is the aggressor, so I think it's probably related to scenes where the player-character is the victim. On subsequent testing, I noticed that's it's not just the AAF HUD that disappears. The vanilla HUD is also disabled during these scenes, and the only button which has any effect is [Esc], which brings up the menu. I tried using the "tm" (toggle menu) console command, but that had no effect other than causing the console to disappear. So that's as much as I know right now! If anyone has an idea of what's causing this, I could really use the help. :3
  7. I read the post on the nexus regarding the Nov 11 update. SKSE will probably be updated in the next month or two, so in the meantime I've chosen to stop Steam from updating the game. I'm a bit worried about what it might mean for SL mods that are no longer being actively developed, though. This post I found on reddit from the SKSE developer does not inspire much hope. x_x
  8. Selectively turning off 3P scenes in Defeat seems like a good band-aid if this happens again! Thanks for the link. ^_^
  9. I ran into a small issue. It might be a bug, or it might just be a random glitch! I'm running Defeat in my game to handle combat rape scenarios. While I was near Half-Moon Mill, I was attacked by two skeletons and two zombie dogs. I managed to kill one of the skeletons, but the dogs knocked me down. Normally in a situation like this (multiple creatures of different "races") it would have the attackers assault the PC one at a time. In this case, though, it tried to initiate a 4P Draugr animation. It doesn't usually use group animations for creature races, but sometimes it will when all the creatures are of the same race. It seems like Defeat somehow thought that the zombie dogs were also Draugr.
  10. It wasn't a problem until DCL added its own "devious prison" feature. They added an alternate arrest dialogue where you could pick between being punished (arrested and brought to the prison, having a bunch of devices equipped, get raped by the guard, and such) or resisting arrest. While I was using it, at least, they hadn't added options for bribery or getting out of trouble using your status as a thane. The prison itself could be disabled, but there was no option for disabling the alternate arrest dialogue. ><; I actually did make a post about it on the DCL support page, quite a while ago. I'm not sure if that ever went anywhere, though.
  11. Well, I'm sorry I wasted your time with this issue. The problem has been resolved, but not because I reinstalled it: it turns out that the mod manager I use disabled the .esp after I installed the mod. It does this all the time, but I forgot to double check before I started up Skyrim. Enabling the .esp made the mod work; go figure. x.x Edit: I just spawned in a few goblins for testing purposes, and this is now my new favorite mod! >:3
  12. Yeah, I have the right version. x3 "Demonic Creatures V1.4 Special Edition". For the record, the name of that folder is definitely not a typo. Just to test it, I changed the name to "creatures". Completely broke the Creature Framework. I guess I'll try reinstalling it!
  13. I'll do that as my next step if this turns out to be nothing, but I noticed something a little weird when I was checking the files inside the main Demonic Creatures archive. Inside the Data folder, it contains the .esp and six subfolders; textures, sound, skse, scripts, meshes, and... "creatures.d". That last one seems like a real weird way to name a folder. Is that ".d" a typo, by any chance? That folder happens to be the one which contains all of the .json files. Edit: Replacing the .esp with the one from the main mod archive did not solve the problem.
  14. Oh, I definitely installed the main version as well! I installed the 'no dino" version afterwards. Got a screenshot of the notifications:
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