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nifskope problems


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TL;DR I think I need a stable release of nifskope that came after 1.1, but can't seam to find one


...since my pc has gotten a new hard-drive, I have been trying to get back to normal, but I can't seem to...


I've downloaded nifskope versions 1.1, 1.2 alpha, 2.0 alpha... none of them can properly import most of my previously fine obj files, 1.1/1.2 seems to mess up my uv maps, while 2.0 seems to not have an import function, plus only 1.1 shows normal map influence when turning on shaders

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The OBJ import function was removed from one of the earlier main releases of NifSkope (around 1.1-1.2 ish). Since then only the OBJ export function has worked, the import one is gone. AFAIK it was due to that function being buggy AF and causing issues like the ones you mention.


I'm afraid you'll have to do without the OBJ import function. Maybe use the Blender 2.49b nif tools instead? Those do have native Oblivion support, so it should work more or less good enough.I think there was a command-line tool for Skyrim separate from NifSkope that allowed importing OBJs into nif files,but chances are it won't work for Oblivion nifs. Otherwise, Outfit Studio/Bodyslide includes an OBJ import function that would be exactly what you are looking for... but unfortunately it doesn't work with Oblivion. Oddly enough, it seems to include support for Fallout 3/New Vegas.

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Download is here, most all versions 2.0 dev 6 is latest



some versions have OBJ issues not sure if resolved or what version fixed, info is a little old





You also might find more info here



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Only reason fallout 3/new Vegas has any type of bodyslide support is because of A.J. who did a bunch of testing and what not to try to get it to work with fallout 3/new Vegas for someone that wanted it to work for fallout 3/new Vegas.


If you wanted something similar for oblivion you would have to try to see if it were possible to get it to work for oblivion.


I don't use 2.0 for anything unless I'm porting something in .OBJ format from fallout 4 to be ported to skyrim. For the most part I use nifskope 1.1.3.


Maybe go back to a older version that has the import option.

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