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Military Sexbot Lore Discussion.


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I keep reading enthusiasm for the idea of Sexbots now that Fallout 4 has some adult content.  I've spent some time thinking the idea over and here is what I'm thinking.
First off, I run Sickotic's Lore Friendly Magazine and Billboard overhaul.  It's a great 'background' mod to run with Four Play as it turns the world before the War into a bit of a sex obsessed version of Leave it to Beaver.  Which is exactly where I think Fallout should be.  Just my opinion.  With that background, sex robots make perfect sense.  It stands to reason then that all domestic robots would at least have had sexual purposes as an option.   Mr Handy's / Miss Nanny's could wield a variety of 'toys' in their manipulators.  And that inconspicuous little hatch on the back (The Combat Inhibitor) could have concealed something special "For the gentleman of the house."  The Protectron could also be so equipped on the front panel.  
But what about military robots?  In the same world, the following makes acceptable sense.  Militaries have always faced the problems of 'lonely' soldiers far from home.  Soldiers have usually found their outlet among local civilian populations.  Field commanders have long viewed this as a necessary evil, despite the public relations and operational security problems it brings with it.  Military Sexbots would seem an ideal solution to the problem.  No need to worry about those randy soldiers getting diseases, leaking information, or upsetting the locals if they have enough Sexbots to pass around.  But fielding two sets of robots isn't cost effective so it makes economic good sense to equip combat robots for a dual role.  All of the military robots could have moving armor panels that conceal their 'softer parts'  They could also have dual purpose parts.  Either having a full set of both male and female parts.  Or having interchangeable parts.  Perhaps a male part that retracts fully inside the female part.  The idea being that in the field the user would have been able to select what role the sexbot played.  
Once a good reason for the existence of sexbots in the military has been established, it wouldn't be hard to add a bit of a darker turn to their roles.  Vault-Tec was not one to let a good opportunity slip by them.  Robots that were programmed to use assault as a weapon of terror certainly would not have been beyond the realm of what Vault-Tec was capable of.  This would give a plausible explanation of why a military robot might try assaulting a player.  That is, if you need more explanation than just '200 years of no maintenance.'
Then you could take things a turn darker still.  It is a bit of a stretch lore wise but some of the robots, the Assaultron in particular could have a truly dark background.  It could be that the Assaultron is not entirely a robot.  Those 'soft parts' could have been extracted from soldiers, both men and women, who had fallen in battle.  In fact encased somewhere inside that Assaultron could be the reprogrammed brain of that fallen soldier.  This would be information that Vault-Tec would not have wanted to go public.  I don't think there is much published lore on the Assaultron background so this could still fit.
Now what if that isn't dark enough for you.  This is definitely stretching the lore a bit but bear with me.  What if Assaultrons breed?  That is to say that a victim assaulted by an Assaultron found themselves injected full of nanites.  Nanites that would convert the victim into another Assaultron.  It would be a terror weapon of the highest order.  And not beyond Fallout lore entirely.  Think about the GECK.  The only way that think could have worked would have been something along the line of nanites that cleaned the soil and water.  Just throwing this out there.

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This, in my opinion, is going a bit overboard. Overthinking it, I'd say.

Think of how a real world would work: If we had autonomous consumer robots in the 50s, one of the first things to appear would be "premium class sexbots" for reach people. The big market would keep their robots family-friendly to maintain a larger consumer base.
The military has far better, more 'patriotic' techniques to keep morale high. If anything, it would only be disruptive.

So it's understandable that such machines (or, rather, customizations) surviving in a post-war world would be pretty rare.

Now, raiders, on the other hand... they do whatever the fuck they want. And fuck whatever they want.

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Two things,


1) Robots in Fallout along with much of the more advanced technology didn't exist until the 2020's - 2030's at the earliest. Its only the design aesthetics in America that for some weird reason stagnated in the 1950's and they somehow figured out how to do a lot more with vacuum tubes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


2) Do not underestimate the aftermarket modification scene when it comes to adult "entertainment" whether it be 1950, 2017, 2077, or 2277.

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One thing:


Don't overlook that Cyborgs are an experimental, and *immortal* technology that is 100% cannon.  Yes, it only exists as the brain bots, but we know there was at least one company experimenting with them thanks to the Automatron DLC as well as ones like Big Mountain from New Vegas.


Given that, there is the potential for another company to make cyborgs with human body parts, potentially using human brains as computers, either with completely insane real minds, or just using the brain as a computer.  


For fear factor, have a quest providing a number of ways(skill-checks) that the PC can determine that there is an actual human personality in the bot, and with the right skills and talents, release them from their prison.

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When I was younger I wondered a couple of times if it was possible to create a tentacle robot that a brings women to orgasm. It could be used in porn for example or live sex shows. Just imagine one of the robots gets hacked and runs through town forcing young women to orgasm. Probably even with the perverted stepbrother of the machinist watching from behind a tree and documenting the robots performance.

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You doesn't realy need any lore explanation.

People were horny so they modified the rigged robots for their own pleasures. As it was mentioned see Fisto. But we can easily assume that Eve (synth) was used for the same manner. Plus the robot workbench is a thing too...

By the way robot workbench, when i first heard about this new function add by the Automatron DLC, i just hoped for a made-your-own sexbot mod. But seeing how hard to mod fallout 4 and how Bethesda works on holding the modders just made me give up on this. Sorry for this, i just need to lay down this burden from my heart...

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You basically already have a clear open to sexbots via the Assaultrons. They're assassin vixens, just not quite human-looking enough. Those shapely legs, and their feet basically look like wedge heels; even the torsos vaguely resemble bosoms. One of the raider head mods is even called Succubus.
All you'd really need to do is add more human-like robot mods for the Assaultron body parts, and you're golden. Military fuckbots galore.
You don't need any true explanation other than your idea that lonely soldiers need consenting, even submissive women, to fuck while on tour. Keeps them from potentially raping women in the countries they're fighting. Could even add a waist armor mod for them that has the appearance of a woman's, complete with vagina. Front chest that has huge soft tits. Articulated hands. Real face with soft lips and tongue. Done.
Mr. Handy models being an automated series of sextoys is also easily implied. Women don't care to fuck something human looking, they just need random objects to shove in their holes.

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Interesting stuff, another military bot use might be interrogation bots. Just as Mr Gutsy bots roam still yelling out the mandatory curfew line and attacking if you answer incorrectly, interrogation bots might still be searching for enemies. With all the arms it isnt hard to imagine some having cuffs and torture gear, maybe even some distance shock attack made to possibly immobilize the "Red Menace".

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