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Script Go BOOM

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Recently when working on the new stuff for SexoutStore, I re-enabled my Debug console stuff and discovered my main script was never initializing. I really should have figured it out when someone mentioned the vendors being stalkers via BrutalRapers, but somehow it didn't quite click.

scn SexoutStoreScript

int init
int zero
int mod
int preg
int bunny
int ghost
ref list

begin GameMode

;	SetDebugMode 0

	DebugPrint "SexoutStore: Initializing main..."

	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsSubmissive				SexoutStoreNPCBDSM
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataLikesBondage			SexoutStoreNPCBDSM
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataLikesToys					SexoutStoreNPCBDSM
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsPartneredFaithfully	SexoutStoreNPCBDSM
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListGay								SexoutStoreNPCBDSM
;		ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsPartnered				SexoutStoreNPCBDSMPartner
;		ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsDominant				SexoutStoreNPCBDSMPartner
;		ListAddForm SexoutNGListBi									SexoutStoreNPCBDSMPartner
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsPartneredFaithfully 	SexoutStoreNPCClothing
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCClothing
;		ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsPartneredFaithfully 	SexoutStoreNPCClothingPartner
;		ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCClothingPartner
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataHatesSex 					SexoutStoreNPCDoctor
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsVirginAnal				SexoutStoreNPCDoctor
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCDoctor
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCGhost
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCHArmor
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListGay								SexoutStoreNPCLArmor
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCMArmor
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsVirginAnal				SexoutStoreNPCMArmor
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsVirginGenital			SexoutStoreNPCMArmor
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsVirginOral				SexoutStoreNPCMArmor
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCNurse
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataHatesSex					SexoutStoreNPCPArmor
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListBi									SexoutStoreNPCPArmor
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataLikesToys					SexoutStoreNPCToys
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListBi									SexoutStoreNPCToys
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsNymphomaniac		SexoutStoreNPCToys
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsVirginAnal				SexoutStoreNPCVaultTec
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCVaultTec
	ListAddForm SexoutSLActorDataIsDominant				SexoutStoreNPCZero
	ListAddForm SexoutNGListStraight							SexoutStoreNPCZero

	DebugPrint "SexoutStore: ...done"
	set init to 1

if IsModLoaded "SexoutDiscounts.esp"
	DebugPrint "SexoutStore: SexoutDiscounts detected, enabling topics"

	set mod to GetModIndex "SexoutDiscounts.esp"
	set list to buildref mod 3521

	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCHArmor
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCLArmor
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCNurse
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCToys

if IsModLoaded "SexoutPregnancyNG.esp" && preg == 0
	DebugPrint "SexoutStore: SexoutPregnancy detected, setting variables"
	set preg to 1

if IsModLoaded "SexoutBrutalRapers.esp"

	DebugPrint "SexoutStore: BrutalRapers detected, banning vendors"

	set mod to GetModIndex "SexoutBrutalRapers.esp"
	set list to buildref mod 14550

	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCBDSM
;		ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCBDSMPartner
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCBunny
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCClothing
;		ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCClothingPartner
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCDoctor
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCGhost
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCGuard
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCHArmor
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCLArmor
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCMArmor
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCNurse
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCPArmor
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCToys
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCVaultTec
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreNPCZero

	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreGENPCGuard1
	ListAddForm list SexoutStoreGENPCGuard2


The script never gets to DebugPrint ...done. I messed with it a bit trying to fix it with no success.

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Make sure you wrap that whole thing in an (if init == 0)... just noticing that is missing, but it shouldn't cause your problem.


It's tedious but if it's not the v7 extender, I normally try to debug these with.. moar print statements... as it looks like it just doesn't like one of your lists or refs.


int itmp


ListAddForm ...

set itmp to itmp + 1

printc "MARK %g" itmp


set itmp to itmp + 1

printc "MARK %g" itmp


set itmp to itmp + 1

printc "MARK %g" itmp



Tedious but.. sometimes it's the only way.

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