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Is there a thead that compiles all of the animations used by the SL animation loader?

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I know that in the past NSAP used to be the go-to for non-built in animations to sexlab framework, and at some point it was replaced by the SL animation loader, but all of the animations i find are in their own threads and it makes it very hard to know if i've found all of there is to offer.


i was wondering if there was a thread that had a list or something like it of ALL of the animation mods that utilize animation loader, or will i really need to crawl around the site for ages looking for every single one?


sorry if this isnt the right place to post this.

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I just switched to SLAL and got rid of NSAP and still have to try out the few mods I still have that needed NSAP to see if they can function without it. I found leito and nibbles which are great so far was hoping there was more stuff to load later on.

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