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K4 Animations
Since this community has given me hours and hours of fun through great mods and tools, it's time to give something back.


This is an animation package containing my personal animations. Some of the stages are meant for a futa/dickgirl/gay character (Almost all the stages work well with a female character), the package has animations involving creatures and all of them are anal only. So if that's not your thing, don't download. The animations should line up fairly well with default scale characters, you may need to do some per-stage adjustments tho. Even actors height in SexLab's animation settings menu works best to make them line up properly.


upgrading from < 1.5: reinstall/overwrite the whole package with the new version and run FNIS for users. In SLAL's MCM menu in the General Options section, click "Reapply JSON settings", enable all and register.


There are some animations with animObjects. Sometimes these won't disappear when an animation is finished, in that case reload a save game.



new in v1.5: K4 Falmer Orgy



new in v1.4: K4 Falmer Dominate



new in v1.4: K4 Falmer Cowgirl



new in v1.3: K4 Deep Dildo



new in v1.2: K4 Chair Anal



K4 Bench 2p



K4 Bench Rough Anal



K4 Dog Doggystyle Anal



K4 Enthused Cowgirl



K4 Riekling Anal Bench



K4 Riekling Anal Cowgirl



K4 Rieklings Chopping Block



K4 Table Missionary Anal



K4 Wallback Anal






SexLab 1.6+ and all it's requirements
SLAL http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ and all it's requirements

Thanks to AnubiSs2167, all animations now use a built-in way to turn off foot-ik. Just rotate the scene once.


unpack the package into skyrim/data or use a mod manager, enable the esp (animObjects), run FNIS for users. Then in SLAL's MCM menu, go to K4anims, enable all and register.


In case anyone's interested, the animations are made in maya, which allows for much better rigging and animation control. Some animations have multiple stages in one, which is fairly easy to do with animation layers/blending. I'm then exporting baked animation on the original skyrim skeleton to 3dsmax through fbx, from then on it's the standard hkx export.

What's New in Version 1.5


  • v 1.5: added a falmer animation set
  • v 1.4: added two falmer animation sets
  • v 1.3: added animation K4 Deep Dildo, all anim previews moved to gifycat
  • v1.2: added animation K4 Chair Anal, enthused cowgirl s3_a1: added aim constraint to head
  • v1.1: added tags to animations, added more cum tags
  • v1.0: initial verison

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