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LoversVoice for Creatures (WIP)

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Heyoo.   If anyone took a look in Technical Support, I put out a shout which asked what kickstarted the conversations in the LoversVoice system.  Well... thanks to Mem, I now know what it is... and what needed to be done.


For those unaware, Galgat made a variation of the LoversRaperS mod that included the ability to have creature dialog during sex.  But due to changes made within Lovers with PK, his system doesn't work.  But ask yourself about the ability to have dialog with so-named 'creatures'......   WHY THE HELL NOT?    Jiggilag is certainly not an unthinking animal.  He's... (shuts up).  So why is it that creatures don't get the same treatment? :angry:


It's an oversite. 


On examination of the scripts (again.. thank's Mem) I was able to determine that the new edits actively prohibit dialog with creatures.   A system that controls character voice values never generates one used as a 'creature dialog' flag.  And if used with the regularly known 'LoversVoice' system, creature dialog would be meshed together with normal sex dialog as no checks were put into the conversations, testing for **.isCreature **


To make the original LoversVoice compatible for creature dialog, you would literally need to edit every entry to test for creatures.... yikes!  :(


A solution however is in a beta stage... and that is a twofold (or threefold?) system..


For those scripters who like to delve into Lovers with PK itself, the main Lovers system is in two parts, the Master (ESM) and Mod (ESP) files. 


The ESM/Master file holds little, but it creates the actual 'LoversQuest' quest.  And within, it executes the LoversQuest script which starts the system off, and creates 10 conversation topics which is set aside to hold dialog which is performed during sex.


The ESP/Mod file holds the meat of the matter, a revised version of the LoversQuest script, as well as various scripts that attaches the 10 conversation topics to reference variables which are called upon and triggerd by other scripts that are triggered when the characters are having sex.


These files are important... sure.  But the ESP itself was apparently altered in a manner which prevents creature dialog...(otherwise, Galgat's system would still work).  So I worked out a solution.


First, I worked out both...  Lovers with PK Creature Text.ESM and Lovers with PK Creature Text.ESP.   In keeping with the design of the originals, The ESM adds 10 'more' conversation topics devoted to creature dialog.  And the ESP performs edits to the necessary scripts so it will call upon the new conversation topics if (and only if) a creature is having sex with an NPC.


And second, with those two files patching Lovers with PK so it can actually play creature related dialog, I have begun work upon Lovers Voice for Creatures.   Finally got to the title... the build up was unbearable, eh?


And yes.... I know.  It's taking THREE files to do one job.   It's my hope that someone looks at the work I'm hoping to release and possibly include it into Lovers....  I got no problem with that.   ;) 


So far, I got things working about fine.   The player can have a good time with an animal or two, dialog changing based on the animal, if it is enslaved or not (thank you xLoversPK slave flag), and the NPC's gender.  Dialog comes from both the animal when it is the aggressor (and if dialog is present for it) and from the NPC when it is the submissive one.


And heyoo...   That means ogres can talk dirty now.  Jiggilag can be menacing.  And MehrunesDagon can force you to bear his unholy offspring (it's a Hiyoko/Tamago thing).


There ARE two points that I haven't worked out.  The first is that I cannot seem to make the dialog go in reverse, having submissive animal dialog with the NPC being the aggressive one.  I like to be complete!  Someone will eventually make it so you can knock up a spriggan or Flame Atronach, right?  But the second one is something where I need some advice.


How many effin goblin types are there???  How many minotaurs?  If I was to make one entry for each individual creature in the database, the conversation topics would be hella large!  I need something to shrink it down to a more nominal size.  At first, I thought I could use a clothing flag already available called xLoversPkrCreatureType which I believed was set based on a script that assigned a three-digit value (or item count) based on the creature's model (ModelPathIncludes).  In this, Baliwog was set to 201, Bear to 202, etc and so on.  But attempting to use this in the conversation didn't work.


Other than using GetIsID. "Grummite" == 1 in the conversations, anyone have any ideas how to shorten the list?


Oh... if the list can be shortened and ammended, I do wish to put in additions to account for other mods like 'LoversBitch', 'BravilUnderground', and the like.


* == * == * == * == * == * == *






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Wow.  The UPLOAD ATTACHMENT system worked for me today.  It was being a PITA yesterday.


THIS guys, is my WIP.... LoversVoice for Creatures!! Beta version.


*Deleted*  Using 1st post


* --- * --- * --- * --- *


Yeah, this thread is kind of a sounding board for me.  As I type my inquiries and problems, my mind races to try to solve those same said problems.


But this package does work.  Load order is basically:



Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm


Lovers with PK esm.

Lovers with PK Creature Text.esm



Lovers with PK.esp

Lovers with PK Creature Text.esp


LoversVoice for Creatures.esp


Most of the hardware is within the Lovers with PK Creature Text files.  Insofar as LoversVoice, it holds nothing but the conversational dialog (for now).


The demo that is attached holds very little dialog...Basically, I was messing around with a mutt to test the system... what worked and what didn't.  Hell, there's probably just two or three lines tops.  But the fun part is that I put in dialog for Mehrunes Dagon.


ROFL.... yeah, he's lookin to get laid.  And boy, he doesn't have any problems talkin about taking a girl's virginity.  He doesn't really have anything to say if he's screwin' a guy.  But if a guy is screwing him, he's gonna be PISSED.  I know... I know... there's no 'fucked-creature' animations yet, but the dialog system is set up for that just in case.  That being said, I did figure out how to make the creatures 'submissive' which was one of the issues I mentioned in the first post.


As I didn't just play the hell out of Oblivion just to encounter Mehrunes at the end, I used Lovers Creatures and summoned the imposter 'Lovers Mehrunes Dagon'.  The system can test for creature models, so you don't need to enter the fifty :P   different Creature IDs into the system to test each Goblin variety.  BUT... it does have a repertoire of nearly 100 different IDs to test.  Testing for a dog or a wolf is one thing.  But lets face it...  Rena Bruiant probably gave Kezune and Bailey special love...  :heart:   so they get their own custom ID numbers.


Again, I have nearly 100 IDs.  A text document in the upload describes the 40+ default model-based IDs, the 8 creature groups, the nearly 20 pets, 3 Unique Daedra, the 4 horses (if you include the Unicorn), and over 15 undead creatures by name.    Yeeesh... getting screwed by Lorgren or Perennia Draconis.... *shivers*


Plugging in flags for the player's gender isn't an issue... otherwise, Mehrunes wouldn't have had different dialog when dealing with both male and female participants.  And on a previously working version of LV for Creatures, I did actually test to see if dialog changed if the creature was enslaved.  Yep, we had a very happy enslaved biatch!


* --- * --- * --- * --- *



So the only crucial feature I see needed is a way to account for creatures that are not part of the default Oblivion package.  While CreatureMehrunesDagon is part of Lovers Creatures, it was only testing for the original model that is part of the initial system.  It currently cannot test for the mushroom dildos or the floating sex-doll with tentacles.  And I so want to have it recognize other mods as I stated before.


I use a system that checks if the creature (offence or defence) is a creature by its ID in the database, so I was wondering if it were possible to  ( a ) test and ensure if a MOD is loaded and ( b ) record/store the custom creature IDs into a quest database for testing purposes.  I made an early attempt, but I basically KNOW I botched it.  Not that it didn't compare the creature data, but it didn't wanna detect the LoversCreatures.esm .


Anyone wanna throw me a bone?  :D


No.  Seriously, I don't mind getting help here.



* --- * --- * --- * --- *


Future stuff being considered:

  1.  A spell or set of spells that determines an NPC's Bestial preference(s)
  2.  Wondering if it's possible to tie in SetBody so creatures can talk about their mates physique or lack thereof (Girrrlll.... your tits are enormous / You damn skinny-assed bitch./ Yo!  Baby-dick! )
  3.  Asking interested members for dialog suggestions.  I can't write it all... (hell, I'll take suggestions now)
  4.  Kicking someone's butt to get working on submissive beast poses.  Seriously, no love for creatures.... :(




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Well, I'm back.   And today, I updated the 1st post with a 'newer' version of my work in progress. 


Yeppers!  It now detects the creatures that are exclusive to 'LoversCreatures' and creates Creature ID references you can use in Creature Sex Dialog.


It took a good while to determine what the issue was.   It turns out that the GetIsID command is a pain in the ass where reference variables are involved.  You cannot just use a variable from another script like ... um...


if me.GetIsID xLoversVoice.reindeer == 1   :angry:


Oh, noooooess... It won't accept reference variables from OUTSIDE the script.  You gotta cheat and make it a reference variable in the same script as the actual GetIsID call itself!



Well, the system now has a little more dialog, just something for testing the Male Mushroom.   That's a good bit of progress, and one helluva issue solved.


Now, I got another....  KNOTS!


If you're familiar with Lovers Bitch, you know that you may get tied to a dog during sex.  Well, shouldn't that come up in the dialog?  Now I have to figure out how to get the dialog system to detect if the NPC just got knotted.


EDIT:   Spoke too soon.   I figured out a way to have Knot dialog.  Just gotta implement the new flag.


* --- * --- * --- * --- *


Future stuff being considered:

  1.  A spell or set of spells that determines an NPC's Bestial preference(s)
  2.  Wondering if it's possible to tie in SetBody so creatures can talk about their mates physique or lack thereof (Girrrlll.... your tits are enormous / You damn skinny-assed bitch./ Yo!  Baby-dick! )
  3.  Asking interested members for dialog suggestions.  I can't write it all... (hell, I'll take suggestions now)
  4.  Kicking someone's butt to get working on submissive beast poses.  Seriously, no love for creatures.... :(


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  1.  Wondering if it's possible to tie in SetBody so creatures can talk about their mates physique or lack thereof (Girrrlll.... your tits are enormous / You damn skinny-assed bitch./ Yo!  Baby-dick! )


In the setbody reloaded blockhead version there is a 'setbody blockhead readme' that shows ways of getting info from it about bodies in use.



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Thanks again for the heads up, Mem.  :)


And yep, I now have dogs that knot when Lovers Bitch is in play.   There's a clothing-Item/flag for knotting which is added to the dog, something of which I had to check.  But I needed a duplicate flag/item to test in the dialog system, so I had to come up with a system to load/remove the duplicate if the referred flag is/isn't present.


It is a tiny bit messy, having such flags handled while checking the IDs of creatures for the dialog system.  I envision a minor change to be added to my master 'Lovers with PK Creature Text' system, an area reserved for flags to be added/removed from creatures and NPCs alike.


But for now, I just swapped out the Attached file in the 1st post again with a new version that accounts for knotted 'dog' creatures.  Not Wolves or the like.


I'm thinking of a config to handle options depending upon mods loaded.

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Think I did enough to get Lovers Bitch working?



Guys? Things are all knotted up!    Besides handling dialog when a dog knots his mate, there is now a condition available when the player wears the fabled 'Ring of Knotting' that allows canines to knot their mates 100% of the time!.  Yes, you can have the NPCs scream 'Knot me up!' as the doggie delivers!  If you're using Hiyoko... the doggie may not be the only one delivering....


Oh, and for those lovers of the Lovers Slave Trade, I made a tiny inclusion to allow enslaved creatures to get serious approval if their sex training is over... um....  I haven't set that yet.  But if your enslaved Minotaur has a +5 NPC sex rating, he could be verrrryyy popular with the ladies.


* --- * --- * --- * --- *


Changes were made to the Lovers with PK Creature Text system to include my ALL NEW INI SYSTEM!  It's my very first INI file.  Yaaaayyyy.   I just took a look how LoversRapeSlave.ini worked out.   So default on/off settings guys.   There's a setting for sameDogs.   If sameDogs is 0, then Bailey, Kezune, and all the other unique dogs may very well have unique dialog (if I get to adding the new dialog).  But if sameDogs is 1, then every dog uses the initial dialog for 'DOG' as defined by the default model.  I just tested it by getting boffed by a collie in front of Weynon Priory before and after the switch.


I guess the next step(s) would be spells to bring up the config system, and to see if the player or NPC likes sex with (fill in the blanks here).


The current upload now includes Lovers Bitch (just a little dialog too, just to test pooches and knotting), Bravil Underground, and fejeena's four mods for Bravil Underground.  While fejeena has four individual mods, you only use one of them (player's choice).  Thankfully, the three creatures shared between them use the same hex codes,



But hey.... Like I said, I just replaced the MOD in the 1st post again.


* --- * --- * --- * --- *


So hey?   Does anyone have any thoughts? 


I figure the personal config might say "Sex with Dogs (Like/Hate) / Sex with Reptiles (Like/Hate) / Sex with Daedra Beasts (Like/Hate) ....." 


And then there could be something about ... well, Cats have spines, Dogs have knots.   Other than animals, there could be something of an option for the others (Flamedicks for Flame Atronachs,  Electric Juice from the Storms, Pushing egg lumps right into ...).  


And there may be something about just how 'deep' they go?  Dayum!  Right into the womb?  Perhaps something of a settings so the player can choose his/her preference?


Insofar as dialog, I am open for suggestions.  And a special shout to fejeena... some of these guys are your bay-bees.   Any dialog thoughts? 


I guess I'm open for dialog-based PMs right now?

(Subject to change)



Future stuff being considered:

  1.  A spell or set of spells that determines an NPC's Bestial preference(s)
  2.  Wondering about reading the SetBody readme as Mem suggested for various Body pose dialogs.
  3.  Asking interested members for dialog suggestions.  I can't write it all... (hell, I'll take suggestions now)
  4.  Kicking someone's butt to get working on submissive beast poses Seriously, no love for creatures.... :(

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Okay, all of this sounds great. I'll admit I quit playing Oblivion some time ago and moved on to Skyrim, but stuff like this makes me reconsider that. Great work!  :lol:


While unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for dialogues, I fully support this idea. Also, if there is any progress or new development about submissive beast anims, please do keep us updated. Oblivion is an old game, but someone may still be up to creating such content. It is already available for Skyrim (my character can finally take FemOdahviing for a different kind of ride, yay!  :P) but it would be nice if, for example, the Flame Atronachs, the Spriggans or even the Daedroths from Oblivion could be put to good use, lol.

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Don't ask how I did it.... (it happened ONCE and only once) ....   I was able to Screw a Xivilai.  At least it was one with female attributes.  I can't remember if it was Oblivion Sexualized or the Female Xivilai mod.  Either way, it happened accidentally and only once.  So it IS possible if someone gets off their butt and do something about it.  And no, I didn't do anything to those motion Inis.   *Shrugs*


But that is another topic.



* --- * --- * --- * --- *



MEANWHILE...  I've begun working on more adaptations. 


PlayerSlaveEncounters   only has 4 creature types to work with, the Dreamshade (ghostly deers), Deep Ones (Grummites), Brok (an Ogre in a raping party), and a ShadowWolf (not related to the Shadow Wolf in Lovers Bitch).


Lovers Horse Rider   has three types:   Fairly randy horses, Skeletal horses and a Unicorn.   I figure these are probably more aggressive than normal horses.  Bad case of Blue Balls?


Crowning Isles   has quite a few creatures to be sure, but only some that are unique-ish.   There are Whore Souls that use the Tentacle Monsters from Lovers Creatures, Some specially trained Dogs and wolves that the Sirens 'play' with in their village, some unfortunately sex starved subjects held by Morbius, and a few monsters in a Rape Party in an citadel dungeon turned into a slave pit.    Oh, yeah,   There's some rather interesting Spider Daedra, and Mrs Femdom's specially trained pooch to handle.   Other animals on the island .... well, the author set em up to be rather abusive, so I could let em use typical raping dialog.


And  I checked a few other mods.   Immoral Sisters may generate monsters, but they're general monsters.  And  Werewolf:  The Awakening doesn't use creatures to make werewolves, its some cool/weird system to replace the player and NPC models into Hybrid Werewolves or just regular wolves.  So there's nothing being done there.


OH!!!!   Insofar as the system settings, I touched upon this earlier, but I'm re-stating it.   IF the settings is set that all 'dogs' use the same dialog, then all custom dogs within Crowning Isles will be ignored and use the default text.  Likewise, if all Grummites are the same, the 'Deep Ones' within Player Slave Encounters will be normal grummites.



No replacement upload today.... :(

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Would you willing to do something over tamago/hiyoko's end? I think it would be fun if the message system extend into there.....

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No work or upload today.... just a sounding board post.


As I mentioned earlier, the Configuration Screen (brought up by a spell) will allow you to turn on/off default settings.  In this, you can set all 'Ogres' to use a default OGRE setting.  If they are set to use the default, every Ogre (including special ones from other mods) 'should' use default settings.  But if it is off, custom ogres have their own dialog (if written).


But I just thought... "Why not have on/off settings for the mods?"  So yeah... I think a section to turn the custom dialogs for mods such as "Lovers Bitch" or "Lovers Horse Rider" could be turned off, and creatures tested would assume default readings.


I'm still open for ideas.   Are there any?


EDIT:  Oh, hey Saviliana!


Heh.  I use that with Lover's Bitch and company all the time.  So, a NPC might be worried it's her time?  Or perhaps they're in heat and is wanting (aching) to breed?


That could be a double-spell feature.   One to turn on/off that mod, the other being a spell for NPC preferences.  How does that sound?

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Okay.  You're probably wondering 'What is with the screenshot?  Did you get werewolves to fuck around?'  Well, this is thanks to a mod that you may not have heard of:  "Werewolf:  The Awakening".  In it, you may choose to volunteer to become a werewolf.  And you can make others.  Here, you get to see  that there is a different model for femme werewolves, the female being a bit more slender and ... bumpier.  :P


But what does this have to do with the mod, you ask?


Well, Werewolves of this mod are humans wearing 'werewolf' skins/clothing.  So they are not creatures.  And with that, I have to make some sort of allowance to deal with these werewolves as creatures.   To match the rest of the mod, there is no verbal understanding, so werewolves should 'not' speak, during sex, even if it is the player.


Yup, I gotta make a test for these werewolf humans and trick it to think these are creatures.


* --- * --- * --- * --- *


Oh, as a side note, I may be making a separate mod for a Lovers/Werewolves patch.  Werewolf males aren't ... um... equipped.  Already got something based on existing werewolf meshes which leaves the females untouched.  But a bit more work is needed by my standards.


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