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Okay, so you may be asking what is different than the older version. So far changes just have differences in ground clutter and small things like that. After I get them all uploaded and playing nice with each other, I will start making some other fun changes.


These are more to my personal taste but I am always open to constructive criticism and advice. If you see any problems let me know.
My biggest problem with Skyrim was that no one utilized the Dwemer tech that is literally laying around. A couple of these include followers, Farengar has a secret lab, and they don't interfere with any city mods I have seen. Nothing glaringly obvious anyway.


All the cities are separate so you can pick and choose which ones you want.


Update: 12/4/16
Added Markarth, Riften, and Falkreath. Each zone utilizes Dwemer tech to varying degrees and each location has a semi hidden home with a follower.
Update: 1/11/17
Whiterun Dwemerfied updated
Update: 1-17-17
Dwemerfied Whiterun updated. Something is strange about the well in the center of town. Maybe Belethor has heard of something.

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Well, I don't wonna change the Skyrim to Dwarven land... but...

...most of the mods in Nexus or elsewhere, they're dealing with "CELTIC-NORD" stuff... and almost NOTHING for Dwarves and/or ELVES!


Do we have something like that, to OVERHAUL (HD) the Dwarven stuff... and same thing for the Elves (especially their faces, the Elves in TES games are SOOOOO UGLY!)?

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Have you looked at the Sky City mod here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58366 ? I decided to try installing your mod along with this to see if they would work together, but unfortunately they don't quite. It does cause a crash or anything, but some of the objects in the environment don't load or get overwritten. Was a little disappointing. Was hoping to have to two combine to make one super dwemerified Markarth! It would have been glorious. Perhaps you could make yours compatible or at least crib some ideas from Sky City. For now, I gotta decide which I'm going to actually use.

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Looking at that dwemer pipe tower in Whiterun I must say it DOES look ugly BUT the dwemer did not bother much for esthetics so it is ok but I guess that the people of Whiterun may want to cover it somewhat with a huge banner with the Whiterun horse on it. It also make sense, all that water falling into the pools over he Cloud district must come from somewhere. A dwemer pump installation would work like a charm for that. And as a reason, the ancient nords actually traded with the dwemer prior to their disappearance. Perhaps the pump was installed to bring water to the area for the ancient nords to use for irrigation. Needed to farm the tundra and feed the city dwelling dwemer?


Further, considering the reason for this forum the reason for the existence of Loverslab this adds another opportunity. I am an eye candy person myself and I like skimpiness but also immersion. Dwemer installations could heat parts of Skyrim with geothermal energy bringing a much warmer climate in some chosen locations. A real life analogy is how dumped cooling water from nuclear power plants sometimes give a boost for the local wildlife by making some places year run ice free. A suggestion would be to to heat up lake Illenata making it to practically a sub tropical beach area.


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