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  1. Is it a way to increase the muscules in the regular (not "bodybuilder") version? I just want to make the "100 weight" kinda like "Arnold" type.
  2. Aha... I see. So only these are bodyslide compatible. I'll try them.
  3. You missed my point. I don't need male body, I'm already using the SoS Lite - I want bodyslider for that male body, to bake it more muscular!
  4. I'm using the SoS Lite body. Is there any BodySlide option to make more muscular my male bodies?
  5. Hi there. I'm using the SoS light body and I'm looking for a BodySlide male option, to play with and my my own male body. Is there anything like that?
  6. So, I found eventually what was the problem. I was following VERY OUTDATED instructions, for old XP32 skeleton version - saying that I need to install SoS Lite AFTER the XP32. Which it was WRONG of course! So... I re-installed all, first FNIS... then RaceMenu... then SoSLite... then XP32. And now its working.
  7. So... the problem was that I wasn't installing CBPC... because I thought its a similar mod with SinCBP !!!! Therefore, I was installing PRESETS of the physics (SinCBP)... but not the physics themselves!
  8. Hello there. So, I installed the FNIS, the XP32 Skeleton, all the necessary files, I went ingame to change the setting in the XP32 Skeleton MCM and I don't see anything, the page is blank: http://i.prntscr.com/No01DbIkSyyriYzgZB906Q.png http://i.prntscr.com/Wp6gRqPTT62Z4M8H7LF4pw.png http://i.prntscr.com/rZMaMcW8S3axy1QkWYb-ZQ.png Also, I found it weird in the Information page, that in XPMSE Skeleton says "0.0000"...! In someone else's the MCM menu, it says "4.20000": http://i.prntscr.com/B-CbjQeoT2S7G0mnsRBw0w.png (Before you may write it... yes, the FNIS.esp is activated and working, also the racemenu.esp & racemenuplugi.esp are also activated)
  9. Hello. Me and my friend Steve (SMR1957 in Steam) we had a great scenario for a mod - a mod about Helgen! But obviously, we need someone who knows very good to use the CK. Me and Steve, both we know nothing about the CK - personally I'm using it only to saving mods frol LE to SE format. (Steve's not even doing that!) So, we looking for a guy to create a quest mod in CK. We'll inform him/her with many details, as soon as he/she agree to do it. Cheers and I hope we'll find the one for the task.
  10. No, I am not. I hate CBBE. I like the UUNP series body, so I'm using that one.
  11. I have already installed the XP32... the SINful CBP... and the HDT SSE Combined Compatibility Set. Still nothing, I don't see any bounching.
  12. Hi there all. Can someone write me down step-by-step which mods I need to install to have physics and bounching breasts/belly/buts with my UUNP body I'm using? I'm keep installing mods, removing, adding... but still, I have no physics whats so ever...
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