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Dwemerfication of Skyrim variable narwhale

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Okay, so you may be asking what is different than the older version. So far changes just have differences in ground clutter and small things like that. After I get them all uploaded and playing nice with each other, I will start making some other fun changes.


These are more to my personal taste but I am always open to constructive criticism and advice. If you see any problems let me know.
My biggest problem with Skyrim was that no one utilized the Dwemer tech that is literally laying around. A couple of these include followers, Farengar has a secret lab, and they don't interfere with any city mods I have seen. Nothing glaringly obvious anyway.


All the cities are separate so you can pick and choose which ones you want.


Update: 12/4/16
Added Markarth, Riften, and Falkreath. Each zone utilizes Dwemer tech to varying degrees and each location has a semi hidden home with a follower.
Update: 1/11/17
Whiterun Dwemerfied updated
Update: 1-17-17
Dwemerfied Whiterun updated. Something is strange about the well in the center of town. Maybe Belethor has heard of something.

What's New in Version variable narwhale


  • Falkreath 1.2
  • Riften 1.0
  • Markarth1.8
  • Whiterun 1.7