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[Sims 4] [WIP] Eksclusiv's Sex Animations for WickedWoohoo (Updated: 01.09.2016)

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In the middle of my animation process my pc decided it was a good idea to crash so I had to start over again. Damn, so many hours went downhill. However, at least I could save a very basic HJ animation. Please tell me if there are any problems since my PC is having a hard time with any app right now and there were maybe some mistakes done.








And - by the way - I don't use any cc besides 2-3 pieces of lingerie and obviously the naked top and bottom for WickedWoohoo. =)

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I have a problem animation in the hot tub does not appear, try to call but there is no option. The other animations work me well, maybe I do something wrong, someone can help me?


No, you are not doing anything wrong. I guess you just have to wait for the public release of WickedWoohoo since your version does not support the category yet.

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