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  1. OMG, @igor2540 cutest Sim I have ever seen. That hair is epic. To answer your question OP: Yep, I am enjoying uni quite a lot (after island living was such a huge disappointment). I like the roommates and all, however, I am still sad that classes are not active, though.
  2. I've just started playing TS3 again so I am using the latest public build. However, it seems that the mod destroys the Party AI in my game. An example: When I throw a kegger Party Sims will ignore every keg I placed on the lot and instead do nothing but talk and read books. When I delete kinky world everything works as intended again. Is this fixed with the patreon Version?
  3. Heh, so I've been playing TS4 with your mod now for a bit, what can I say: this is easily one of my favorite mods so far. Thank you for your hard work!
  4. Thank you very much for sharing your awesome rig with us. I've been following you on youtube for quite some time now. Your tutorials are awesome as well.
  5. What a godsend. Thank you, sir! This is really appreciated!
  6. Agreed, finally I can undress the top of my female sims. Thanks to your great mod. Your work is very appreciated!
  7. Wow, very good Job, I appreciate what you've done there. However, if it works in CAS there should be an Option to make it available in the game as well, no?
  8. Dude, the last animation you made (--> Girl grinding face on Floor) is one of the best I've seen to this date. Man, you improved so fast. Please keep it up! When you keep this level I'll glady support you on patreon.
  9. Wow, even if it is limited, it looks fantastic enough. Great work! Now I am wondering: How did you do it? This could be groundbreaking.
  10. Yeah, I'd love if it was possible to do drugs together ("call to take drugs").
  11. Actually I prefer to start them manually over autonomous woohoo any day as it always broke my Immersion in TS3 when Sims were constantly woohooing on occasions that were very unrealistic. It was so bad that I had to turn it off eventually. But being able to make NPCs woohoo with each other (Player controlled) is an awesome Feature!!!
  12. This is exactly what TS4 needed! Thanks for putting so much effort into it. I love all of your drugs and can't wait for a proper weed mod (I've been reading on your blog, sounds very promising). I can't thank you enough for creating them. Anyway: Am I missing something or why is there no snoorting animation for, say, the speed mod? When I put the line on the table and click on "snort" my Sim just stnads there until the line fades away and I get the moodlet. Nvm: Now it works. Edit: The Animation is not bad, not bad at all but it would be awesome if somebody like Mike could create an e
  13. I am using the current public build, version 0.3, and the principal in my game will wander around the school, but will occasionally go into his office and sit at his desk doing paperwork for a bit. It sounds like the behavior of the principal and janitor is still being tweaked. I'm playing in Fleabottom, a world posted on this site that was specifically designed for KW, and the school doesn't have any bookshelves, so I don't see random sims sitting down in the classroom (or any other room) reading books. In a previous game, my school had a library with lots of bookshelves, and tons of rand
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