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[mod] [Stellaris] EoS - Without Apparel Patch


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[Stellaris] EoS - Without Apparel Patch

Without Apparel Patch!!!


Space elf clothing! Or the lack thereof! Changes some of the Elves of Stellaris girl clothes to be somewhat less than totally decent. blush.gif



  • Slave gear is more appropriate.... for slaves. ?
  • Savage clothing is... more savage. ?
  • Several outfits get a whole lot breezier. ?‍♀️
  • A totally without apparel "outfit" is now available. (When at outfit 1 in the designer, click left. Boom. Breezy. ?)


Important Notes/FAQ:

    Believe it or not, a few wackos tried. Didn't end well. ? Not because I have an issue with it, but because PDX is a little touchy on "breezy" stuff!
  • It says it's for an OLD version of Stellaris in the Launcher!!
    If it bothers you, version bump the Stellaris version in the descriptor.mod file. Because this is a texture replacer, it rarely will need an update unless a major texture change happens in the main mod.
  • This version number is wildly different from EoS!
    Yes it is. Version numbers never were my strong suite. ?
  1. Drop the contents of the 7z file into your mods folder. Usually "YourUserName\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\".
  2. Open the EOS_WA.mod file in a text editor. Change


    path="DRIVE_LETTER:/Your_User_Name_HERE/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod/eos_wa"


    path="F:/QueenOfTheUniverse/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod/eos_wa"

    IMPORTANT: The path must use Linux/Mac style "/" not the Windows standard "\". So if you copy it directly from an explorer window, don't forget to change the \'s!!

  3. Start the Stellaris Launcher.
  4. Add the mod to your preferred Play Set. Note: It won't have a logo image like Steam/PDX mods!
  5. Move the WA mod BELOW EoS! Mods override anything above them!!


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Edited by Nessa
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Long Version History


Old Elves Versions:




2.97 - New Meshes: shipyard, Dyson (retextured to elfy-like); Some new girl portraits to replace older ugly ones; Drow flags added.; Drow namelists added.; Drow traits added. (Currently useable by elfies. This will change!); Prescripted Elf civs now spawn by default. (I know, I'll make a quick turn-it-off mod for boring people soon!); All Elf system starts now have 3 neighbor systems with elf themes. Also includes several custom planets (compatible with mods, don't worry!); Another major clothing update. Technocracies now get sci-fi-ish looking elves. (Not too many outfits currently. More later.) More elf gowns and more bling.; Minor girl hair update. (Bonus hair for Technocracy admirals!); Ships have been reorganized to make use of NSC ships in vanilla. (And SCX!); Mod now actually works thanks to 1.8.1 Beta. Meaning: THIS REQUIRES 1.8.1 BETA!!!; NSC files now split off. NSC WILL REQUIRE A PATCH NOW. (We've got one coming!)
2.95 - New Meshes: mining, science, observation and frontier outposts! Major clothing fix, think I got all the bad clipping; Portrait anims no longer dependant on anything vanilla (never again can PDX cause clothing mishaps!); Hive mind elves get their own hive outfits; Avari rings moved a little farther from planets; The no shipyard over avari ring worlds issue has been fixed; Recolored several of the barren/toxic/gas giants in the elf systems starts, all are still vanilla planet classes to ensure compatibility; The Elven Sanctuary start now has a new Sanctuary world as the homeworld; Tweaked civics again; Drow civics added
2.90 - New Elf habitat; Avari rings are now megastructures, and they spin! New hair type for girls (based on one Llossaa's hairstyles); Updated slave girls to have more hair options; FE and primitives reinstated with actual working mechanics for once (Teneb Kel of course!); All initializers updated to account for new megastructures; Fixed texture mishap on construction ship; NSC patch now incorporated with the main file; Expanded namelists to even more planets; Numerous balance and other fixes;
2.83 - Fixed borked namelist; Cat ears for domestic slave girls (testing the concept); Guy pheno #3 replaced with a new custom one; fallen empires deactivated; primitive spawns deactivated;
2.8 - Added name support for Alphamod army names (Thanks... somebody who probably does want their name here); Expanded base namelist planet names; Elven savage trait hopefully prevented from popping up on talking weeds; Guys now have specialized slave outfits; Avari planets now animated again (Thanks Porev!); civic icon fix maybe (only an issue for Steam version);
2.75 - Removed unneeded traits; Elf savages now immortal (whoops!); Empire descriptions finally added to Sidh and Ayleids; Habitats forced to avian for now (thanks Porev!); muzzle flashes and other effects now enabled (thanks to Princessity!); Native support for SCE;
2.7 - Updated for 1.5; Ascari turned off by default, pre-made civs set to NOT spawn by default; Sidh now a civic; Reorganized patches slightly; Non-racial traits moved to civics; Fixed nose alignment on female 07, female slave clothes reorganized based on slavery type (males in a future version); ship sound types updated to 1.5; non-savage primitive elves now have charismatic trait by default; Solar system starts updated to have more pops (as per vanilla);
2.62 - Fixed Sidh leaders that were *gasp* wearing clothes!! How embarrassing for them!
2.61 - Updated for NSC 4.0
2.6 - NSC ships added; Bots added to construction ship; "Without apparel" clothing migrated to another patch; Guys no longer have Vulcan hair;
2.45 - New Ships: Cruiser2, Battleship1, Science, Colony, Transport, Construction; Fixed Cruiser1 texture; Fixed clipped male outfits;
2.4 - Added new: Corvettes, Destroyers, Cruiser; Extra compatibility added for: Crystallis Ship Parts Extension, ; Girl Phenotyp 7 added (based on llossa's non-ugly asian female :-D); Updated for 1.4.*.
2.21 - Elven trait is selectable again. This time I'm removing the trait from anything not Elfy at game start!; LAST VERSION WITH OLD SHIPS!
2.2 - Primitive elves can show up on nuked worlds now; Tweaked savage trait value; Primitives have nasty armies (no more free lunch!); Sidh now have "warm" scarves on cold planets :-D; Elven traits (except Sidh) are now automatically added at game start; Fixed primitive Elves to be more random finally; Two new Elf name lists for a little variety;
2.1 - Toned down portrait scale a little; gaia avari worlds use new gaia landscape (Sidh starting system mainly); got rid of duplicate Ayleid name so Ayleids can't run into primitive versions of themselves; Organized clothing for ruler design finally; fixed cross dressing male fallen empire leaders :-); Fixed ship turrets, again; added alpine and savannah preferences to some possible elven primitives; Ascari can now be primitive or dead entirely (if their system is picked at galaxy creation);
2.0 - Added slim guys; bunch of new guy clothes for slim base; additional slight bug fixes;
1.99 - Fixed clothes/hair for awakened fallens, added Drow tiaras in along with existing elven.
1.98 - Added alpine and savannah Avari worlds; fixed winter clothes taking precedence when they shouldn't; fixed the invisible missile conundrum; all female bodies/clothes converted to new slim type.
1.91 - Fixed fallens (oops), updated flags to stop error complaints that happen for no blinking reason whatsoever :-); Ascari now a bit nastier.
1.9 - Updated to handle 1.3 (whew!), a few minor bug fixes.
1.8 - 3 new girl base portraits, pops on cold climate planets wear cold clothes; some planet modifiers make pops go wild (in relation to clothes); and yes, more clothes!
1.75 - New racial traits added for variety; Elven trait made not to be randomly picked by generated civs (I think); Rebalanced all traits (thanks to Princessity!; More outfits!
1.72 - Even MORE system tweaks; No more ugly fake-asian elves (resources still there, uncomment if you prefer them active... for some reason); Fixed bugged clothing for general girls!
1.7 - MORE tweaks to system initializers; portraits now reorganized to use color option; pink lipstick added for girls; blue eyes added for guys; guy crowns now match girl's; Enslaved pops have thier own slavey clothes!
1.63 - Additional starting system tweaks; Sidh pops are now "properly" dressed if migrating or being conquered by a non-Sidh civ;
1.62 - Added pre-ftl civs to system initializers; additional clothing tweaks; "savage" elves randomly show up on Pre-FTL worlds and sometimes as full on civs.
1.6T - Clothing tweaks; added neighboring systems to startups; add new color option for one of the battleships; TEST: randomization is off, 1/4 chance of fallen empire elves, currently 100% chance a new savage type Elven nation pops up.
1.5 - Crowns for everyone; major rework of guys: all clothes now look more masculine, no space suits, ugly big nosed guys got a nose job, bunch of new guy only outfits; fixed typos for AI planets; added new system start with elven specific planet type; tweaked existing starting system.
1.1 - Bunch of new girl outfits; Fixed ship/city styles selection highlighting; fixed typos (Elven city instead of Ilythiiri LOL); guy hair: real black color added, all hairs adjusted to fit elf ears; fixed (hopefully) rulers having random clothes; Fixed mask issue with long
female hair; First experiment with crown/jewelry.
1.0 - Fixed ship emitters, fixed errors with men's hair, updated Elven name list to actually be Elven (oops), updated to work with 1.2, fixed insults.
0.90 - Initial Release



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Just a small news update. cool.gif (Counts for both Drow and Elves.)


  • Reorganizing the portraits based on color is so simple, it's how I should have done it in the first place. Next update includes more eye colors and lipsticks for girls.
  • Got a crazy idea and I just did a test and it works.....   SLAVE CLOTHES. laugh.png  So yes, next update, when you enslave a pop, their clothes change to show their new station. I'm thinking a random selection of just plain "no clothes" to various collars and chains. Only thing is, the clothing doesn't chance instantly, but if you close your planet view, and open it again the clothes update. (Can't do much there, it's just how Paradox does things at the moment.)
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  • System initializers tweaked yet again! Kept running into moons inside planets... STILL. (Next time, DO NOT use Paradox's examples Nessa!!!)
  • Portraits reorganized! You now use the color option to decide lipstick/eye color. That should now stop the ridiculous 10 million clicks on the phenotype slot to get what you want. As such, threw in some new eye/lipstick colors for everybody.
  • The rather horrid guy crowns have been switched to the same style as the girls get. Much more elf-like!
  • Enslaved elves now change clothes to look all slave-like. I threw together a random assortment of chains and collars. And... I went a bit kinky with one of them but no matter because you really can't see it all that well in game anyway.

So... continuing with what I was saying in the Drow thread (that nobody is probably even interested in laugh.pnglaugh.png)... now that we have a logical, in-game reason for nudity erm "slave clothes"... I'm starting to think that having the Sidh around is a bit superfluous at this point. I can repurpose the Sidh ruler "clothes" (those gems) for rulers of specific government types. (Likely Divine Mandate and the like.) To reuse the Sidh "clothing", I can attach that to specific situations. Atmospheric Aphrodisiac, etc. In that way, coupled with slavery, things now make a lot more sense.


I guess the question is, is anybody going to miss the Sidh?

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Well... one vote is enough for me. wink.png  And it's more work to remove them anyway! laugh.png I think I will tweak all the ethics and such a bit to give them a little more edge when being played by the AI at least. 


Not much news to speak of except: MORE outfits. laugh.png  Finally I'm back to the original point of this mod! laugh.png


Oh, depending on how good the new plant ships are, I may use retextured versions of those to fill in where Moluscoid and Avian fill the gaps in the Drow/Elf ship styles. I kind of doubt they're going to be fantastic but then... Paradox did make some nice ships... it's just they're all special event stuff. (All the stuff I used for my retextures! laugh.png)

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So while playing my latest game with my friend, she commented how she was constantly purging the "asian" elves because they were "creepy". Curiously I found myself passing over "asian" elves for leadership positions. Because... ugly elves don't make an elven empire. Or something. laugh.png And since there really aren't "asian" elves anyway (or at least not in general sense).....


Question: Is anybody going to miss Paradox's fake ugly "Asian" portraits?


Perhaps I can make more skin tone variations of the existing people instead. Of course the other option is to do a real job, and make -totally- new portraits. If I did that I'd have to redo all the clothes too however. So for now, probably just skin tones. laugh.png

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Up..up... date! biggrin.png


  • Got rid of the ugly fakey "Asian" elves. If for some reason you still want them they are still there, just get rid of the commented out portions in "elven_portraits.txt". The asian elves are the 02 portraits.
  • More system initializer tweaks.
  • Fixed the bugged clothing for general girls. They still had clothes, but "savage" generals got normal clothes instead of savagey clothes. laugh.png
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  • 2 weeks later...

So I started playing elves and also doing a Direct Democracy run for the first time. And I am now officially justified in saying that I get the worst possible spawns ever. EVER.


Not only did I start on the galactic rim (and with my luck the Phthoryn Swarm will drop right on top of me when they arrive because of course they would) but I also immediately ran my face into a neighbour to the north of me (who has since been conquered, mostly thanks to the fact that their fleet went chasing after a hostile probe from my event chain and I took the chance to ambush them and that left their spaceport undefended) and 3 empires to the south.


So, I thought to myself, expanding to the south is pretty much out of the question, there's no way I can fight any of them this early. Let's go to the north! Like there's no way there's any more Empires in my cluster right? I shouldn't bump into anyone else for a while, right?








Never. Lucky.

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HAHA! I get that constantly!!! I start up a new game and think "Hey, this is pretty good! Decent nearby systems finally!" And then BOOM I run into some kind of fallen empire that -naturally- is the xenophobic sort and before too long are whining about my HOMEWORLD encroaching on their stupid territory!!!


There's another annoying thing I've noticed... sometimes the pre-FTL Drow/Elves spawn right next to a xenophobic fallen and are wiped out before I can reach them. One game I was (stupidly) attempting to form a giant Elf/Drow only federation to fight all the other uglier aliens. laugh.png Well, I went through this big long process of getting this one pre-FTL society up to speed, gave them complete autonomy and even managed to get them into my pointy-ear-only federation. Then the stupid fallen they were next to issues a demand and instead of going to war (which is what I wanted, I was ready), the stupid AI basically just said: "Oh... threat of complete annihilation of our race? Um... OK, where do we sign up?" angry.gif  I was so mad I immediately declared war and destroyed every lost pop of that fallen empire.... of course after I did this my stupid idiot federation fell apart. The others were upset at my wiping out the fallen aliens but apparently had no problem at all with that fallen empire wiping out hundreds of pops from their own federation!!!


Federations are stupid. laugh.pnglaugh.pnglaugh.png

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XD Okay, okay, you win. I'll settle for the title of Second Worst Spawns Ever.


I was actually "lucky" enough that the two Fallen turned out to be Enigmatic Observers (to the right) and Holy Guardians (left). Honestly if one of them were Xenophobes I would have lost my mind (and then probably the game) XD


Now, I did find one redeeming quality about my situation. Turns out the little chokepoint between the Fallen Empires is actually full of habitable planets and none of them are Holy Sites. Sooo... I can't believe I'm actually doing this but as the newly elected Chancellor my expansion plan for the near future is called "Hug The Enigmatic Observers Really Close Like So Uncomfortably Close Their Leaf-Tentacles Will Get Stuck In Our Nostrils And Hope The Ayleids Don't Get Jelly"




I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting campaign XD

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Ah.. Arenthia...  One of my favorite cities....  er.. homeworlds! laugh.pnglaugh.png


I've been wondering if there's a way I can stop pre-FTL's from spawning next to fallens. (And thus dying rapidly if the fallen is xenophobic.) I may just wait for the big update as that seems to have some kind of anti-clustering option for galaxies. Which... will be nice. In a lot of other 4X games you don't encounter aliens for a long time. In Stellaris I usually have 5 alien civs right next to me that are all hostile. laugh.pnglaugh.png

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Oh yes! I hate the clustering mechanics! I mean it's perfect for militarists who can afford early wars to jumpstart their expansion but gosh butts, sometimes playing a peaceful or at least diplomatic empire can be so hard and annoying when there's 3 idiots with no sense of personal space sticking frontier outpost into my prospective colonies. Like WHAT? Half the time they can't even settle those planets! I swear sometimes I feel the AI does stuff specifically to annoy me. It's like it has a "screw_you_in_particular = Princess" protocol hardcored into their behaviour.

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Just realized I was chatting about elves in the Drow topic! laugh.pnglaugh.png


OK, next update will include.... 2 new girl phenos:





I think I've got a handle on making new base bodies now. This means I can start making more guys/girl phenos along with new clothing. AT LAST! biggrin.png


EDIT: And yes, I've already fixed the eyes on the "goth" elf! wink.png

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It would be MUCH easier if I merged both mods. laugh.pnglaugh.png Actually... I think I could without too much hassle. Depends on how bad the October update is. If it's really nasty and I have to mess with too many files, I may merge them then just to save my sanity. laugh.png

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I don't think the update will break anything, at least I hope it won't! If anything maybe it will affect custom ships? They are completely reworking ship classes and weapon slots and adding the Fallen Empire Titans.


But umm I just wanted to show you this:



Apparently it has a happy bounce and cute little wave animations! D'awwwwwwww!

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Yeah, it's the ships that are bugging me. Hopefully I'll just have to juggle a few ships around and retexture a few Titans. 3 technically, since I -had- to have both purple AND red ships for the Drow! laugh.png But if they are adding a whole bunch of new ships then I may have some serious work to do. If it's more than titans hopefully they'll give us a heads up on what so I can prepare at least some ships before the update. angel.gif


Happy dancing slug thing must be purged! laugh.pnglaugh.pnglaugh.pnglaugh.png Now if they'd make a cute kitten race, that naturally was hell bent on purging everything... life would be complete. laugh.png laugh.png laugh.png

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And....  yet another new base! Not real happy with this one but she does look much better than Paradox's "asian". (Being better than Paradox's asians isn't exactly a fantastic metric to go by!! wink.png)






That will replace the previously disabled phenotype 2. So for girls at least we're at 6 different phenotypes now.

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It's awful when compared to asian games though. I don't mean the anime stuff, I mean some of those really gorgeous chinese strategy games. Everybody is sooo cute! laugh.png Even the -guys- are cute! angel.gif


And... I've tried yet again. This time I decided to be a little less "real". I'm kind of hampered by the eye placement. Also, I can't do bigger eyes which really helps. Anyway...






I need to do a bit of adjustment on the eyes even still. My favorite part is the expression which was completely accidental!! laugh.pnglaugh.png

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