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Live Stream of New DLC Today

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Well it's cool and all but knowing Beth at this price I'm certain that it will not have enough content gameplay wise to be great, I feel like the experiments will be limited as fuck and won't do much or be useful at the end, for them to emphasis on a so small and simple feature as marking followers with a quest or automatically assign people to tasks is not a good sign and give an idea of the lack of content of this DLC.


I would love to have a system to send settlers on mission to get stuff just like in shelter, sending people to find VIP settlers that have high stats (which raise the chances of missions success) etc etc, there is a lot of fun ideas with this but as usual they won't be exploited, the NPC's S.P.E.C.I.A.L won't even be used I'm gussing, hope I'm very wrong on this one, it would be cool to be able to raise the dweller stats for them to be more efficient on the task we assign them to and be able to see their stat with a menu that display when you look at them... I'm dreaming.


What about recruiting faction npcs?


The nursury won't be for actual babies that grow up but probably just for decoration.


Seems like settlers/sweller will still not be renamed even though they introduced lines of dialogue where they give their names..., is it that hard to code a system to give them random names upon recruit? It's not like they could use the existing list of names in game, oh wait one mod did...


Once again we'll have to rely on mods to finish the work I guess.

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Just get this mod to build your own actual vault. Adds more to the game for free ninety nine. This DLC is a cash grab scam like majority of DLC for this awful 'RPG'. Have to pay $30 to have choices again, in Far Harbor, now I have to pay again in August to have role playing choices and to be evil in Nuke World! That's BULLSHIT! But I guess this is the future of 'RPGs' especially for BGS. Can't wait for TES VI where I have to pay $10 to gain levels!  :D 

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