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Holes in nipples.


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Yeap you see this a lot with armors and outfits as many authors with cut out body parts and then make the armor smaller and form fitting. If you replace the body with a new body you will need to also load it into outfit studio and remove any clipping there is as there is probably going to be some and you might also have to remove some clipping when the breast bounce. 

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I have replacers setup for just that purpose.

I don't like nevernude.  Overknee uses loose files, so I just replace the mesh files with the proper UNP files I have separated out.

I have UNP, UNPB, UNP Petite (with and without booty physics), UNP Skinny.  I don't use any other body style, so I don't have folders for CBBE or others.

All you need are mainly the femalebody files, but I take the hands and feet as well, because sometimes they don't quite match up and you get funky seams if you don't.

Saw that mostly with Poet, so I think Poet is using something different.  I don't know much about the internals on her design tho.

I suppose you could take the files from the default UNP body and edit them to your liking and use them that way to customize them.  I don't, because I have zero clue how, nor do I have the tools.  I took the mesh files from the main packages that I downloaded off the Nexus.  Pulled out the ones from the body I wanted to use and replaced.  


I have yet to run across an armor or clothing mod that I've had to use Bodyslide (not that I honestly know how to use it if I had to) so maybe I am lucky.

Seriously...I have Bodyslide installed...But I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to use it.  I've looked at it, but I don't understand anything about it.  I've just left it alone.

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Thanks for help. First I installed Blender and downloaded nif into that. But I noticed that I didn't have clue how to do anything with it. After playing with it for a while and not finding correct way, I installed Bodyslide and luckily it was far easier to learn. I Just used it to stitch up close nipple holes meshes and replaced mod's femalebody successfully, nipple even looked good.


Yesterday I tried to do something more ambitious and tried to mod whole body of one of those Overknee's wide-hipped followers more to my liking and shaped armour to go with it. But I guess special skeleton prevented mod from using my shapes and I made some mistake as my modded follower was wholly armored even in sex-scenes. Then I tried to use body I created to make new follower and noticed that creation kit was far from being user friendly, and crashed often...


But it's been fun. I learned a lot new and as I have also recently learned how to use nifscope a bit and merge mods and create follower packs for myself I've felt like taking baby steps towards mod making myself. Perhaps some day.

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UUNP Nevernude does not have meshes for the nipples.  Overknee switched to UUNP for his last few followers, so this has been a known problem with them for awhile. 


The solution is to build a nude body in Bodyslide, and replace the NIF files with those.  Per his credits, he appears to use UNPB for his UUNP slider.


Make sure you do NOT replace the skeleton he provides, that's what give his girls their distinct pear-shaped "big butt" look.

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