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Female Gen2 Synth - Quick and Dirty Proof of Concept

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A suggestion on how to create the commonly requested female version of the Gen2 synths with fully working dialogue and limb destruction.


By using readily available development, text-to-speech software and transcriptions of existing dialogue one can quickly and without the need for voice acting create a cross-gender variant of any npc.


Because I lack the skills to produce a good enough result I feel comfortable releasing. Instead I decided to share what I found out here since I saw a few others where toying with the idea in these forums while googling around for tips and this might give someone a head start if they want to try as well.


Audacity or any other audio editor you're comfortable with capable of batch voice file editing and processing
Full dialogues and voice files list Contains necessary dialogue information
PTTS or any other text-to-speech solution capable of batch textstring-to-wav processing
Material Editor makes it easy to duplicate and edit the male BGSM files to point to our new unique female resources
Standard Windows Text-to-Speech engine voice files




Uncheck the "ungendered" flag for SynthGen2Race
Create a new voicetype and set it to female
Create a female SynthGen2 actor with the above voice
Add the voice to the VoiceList "VoicesSynthGen1List"
Open up Quest "CreatueDialogueSynth" to verify the new voice has been added as an option by checking a spoken line or two


Import the dialogue list to Openoffice Calc, Excel or similar spreadsheet
Filter away all rows that don't contain the path to the "synthgen1male01" fuz-files
Now nuke all colums except the above and the one containing the dialogue text
Now we got the two important things, the text we want the spoken and the filename it should be saved into
If you know how to do text-to-speech get this information into your program and create the files making sure the filename is exactly the same as in the dialogue list but with wav-extension


If not you can use the PTTS program - by default it only has two modes, speak a user typed line or parse an entire text file into one wav. Neither is suitiable for what we want to do - parse each spoken line into its own wav.
Script is released under GNU so modification is allowed meaning people handy with Visual Basic Scripting can edit this script to do what they want. People who have no clue like me will make edits blindly until everything breaks except what they want to do. biggrin.png
I've added this butchered script to the mod, it's gutted so all the other useful options like selecting anything but the default voice processor, rate, quality and so on probably don't work so only use it as a last resort. The SAPI5 voice I used was "Microsoft Hazel Desktop" btw.


Throw these wavs into your audio editor removing starting and ending silences, tweak volume, apply voice processing and anything else you want.
Dump the finished wavs into the "\Fallout 4\Data\Sound\Voice\Fallout4.esm\[yourvoicenamehere]" folder.


Enter the GECK again
Open up Quest "CreatueDialogueSynth" again
Check every line to make sure your voice is in the list and to remove/edit conditioncheck on voicetypes or gender so the new female Gen2 isn't excluded


Extract the Synth meshes, textures and materials and put them into their respective folders but with a fitting name like SynthGen2Female instead
Now duplicate the GECK entries for the above so creating a female actor with identical look but using unique files. This means making texturesets for eyes/body/head, armoraddons for the same and an armor item for the skin containing all this. I'm no good at explaining this since this is my first attempt doing it so open the mod in the GECK or FO4Edit to see what I've done.
Set the female Gen2 to use this.


Now we have an unique gen2 female with female voice. Well, female and female, it's the same male body and textures. To finish everything there are a two options according to my limited understanding


Scale/move/push/prod the male mesh AND face into a female form
PROS - Destruction doesn't need to be redone, selecting everything the "breaking points" follow
CONS - Makes the body incompatible with any clothing


Remove the male body from the SynthGen2Body.nif and paste the vanilla female into it instead
PROS - All vanilla clothing should fit
CONS - The "breaking points" would need to be moved since the limb lengths differ between genders. Tried it but the limbs where severed too far off, someone more skilled with meshes would probably be more successful


The best option would be to use CBBE but from what I understand it doesn't support dismemberment so you'd lose out on the limb removal as well as the unique synth features to fall over and still shoot leaving us with basically just another human npc with a slightly stranger voice. Booooring.


Another bonus of this solution is that adding new voices is easy, just write them down and run them through the text-to-speech software and you get the exact same voice every time.


The "mod"
It's my very basic take on a modified male mesh female alternative. Limb destruction works. Voices work short of a couple of lines not being processed properly like "ma'am" being cut to "ma" and me missing to change CQB to "close quarters combat" so it doesn't spell every letter out lol. And yes I know the body mesh is ugly and probably looks more "different" than female but it's just to show that if I can do it anyone who wants to can too. With hopefully the result of a cool mod everyone can enjoy smile.png


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